August 27th, 2003



i'm getting my wisdom teeth out in about 40 minutes (so scared) and i've been having a volleyball camp in evenings this week, ending on friday evening. the question is, are they gonna tell my i can't play volleyball for the rest of the week? and if so, should i just say screw it and try to play anyways?
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etiquette question

About cell phones: What do you think constitutes bad etiquette regarding times when you use cell phones?

For example, my husband got upset when I made a remark about a woman whose cell phone rang, and she proceeded to talk on it--when we were in the Chicago Art Institute! It turns out I wasn't wrong about it, a security guard told her she'd have to turn the phone off.

What other situations might you consider cell phone use rude?
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dirty laundry

I washed a white top with a (new) light pink shirt, and now the white has pink splotches where they touched. I've tried a little bleach (even though the label said not too), and I can still see a faint stain. Is there any hope for my white top?
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let's say that God exists. now let's say that when you die, there are a few variable ends. One is you get to go straight to the most wonderfulness ever to be conceived of times a thousand. another is you go straight to the most damndable place. these two are rare as you have to be either pretty close to pure goodness or just plain evil. so there is this third option. it's a big long neat dinner party. God is the host and he's got some of his friends there. and everyone at the dinner party is having a pretty good time. the food is great. however, God and his associates are checking out everyone at the dinner party and deciding if you are going up or down. God and his crew know you and your past inside and out. they ask questions, watch you interact with the other guests, etcetera.
during hour d urves (however you spell that) you could do really well or not and then be ejected from dinner either up or down. this ejection continues on throughout dinner. so- do you think you would make it to the up? of to the down? how quickly do you think it would take for them to decide on you? also, depending on when you exit dinner determines your place either up or down. if you stay long and eventually go up, you don't get the best spot in the clouds. if you are there only briefly and get sent down, you can be sure you're going to have one of the rougher eternities.

i think i am some sort of middle of the road character that would make it all the way to dessert. i don't know which way i'd get sent after though.

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Other than the Better Business Bureau, are there ways to check out a business online to see if it's not a con?
I'm looking into a debt management company that appears on the BBB's site, but has no info for or against it.
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I had to read The Crucible (a play by Aurthur Miller.. it's about the Salem witch trials) this summer and then write an essay about it. I understand the plot and everything, but I think I was given a really open ended question. I have no idea what my teacher is looking for, or where I should even begin. Here's the question:

"John Proctor is an adulterer, an ill tempered employer, and a prideful, distant man. Why does miller design Johns character with such serious flaws, and in what manner does this design enhance the power of millers message?"

Any ideas?