August 26th, 2003

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i started talking to a guy online yesterday, and later last night even talked to him on the phone. he invited me to grab coffee/lunch with him later this week, as i understand, totally as friends. he is a few years older than me *and* married. would it be totally wrong of me to accept? i dont really know many people who are married and what kind of boundries i may or may not be crossing.... should i go?
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does anyone else use shot glasses as asstrays?
my friend said it was one of the weirdest things she has even seen, but what else are you supposed to do with all the cute shotglasses ppl get you from their vacations except the obvious?


Do you think that we are starting to treat animals too much like "little humans" or have we just begun to treat them as they have always deserved to be treated?


This was brought up by my petsmart opening up a doggie daycare. You can pay so that your dog has a snack time and special toys. If you want you can call up and they will put the animal in a special booth so that he/she can hear you.

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doesn't it look like stars/constellations to you?

with all those lights, it's a no wonder i can't see any stars in the sky. i wonder if the people who live in the black out area stop to appreciate the sky when they got a chance or were they too busy bickering about the loss of business or missing their tv show?
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has anyone else's mailbox been trying to explode? i have yahoo and twice today i've checked my email to find it's at 120% or something. i poked around and it just seems to be spam. all of the sudden, i'm getting all these spam messages that are like 100k each, and they clog up my mailbox like no other!

is this a virus propagating itself or a new generation of spam or what? gah!