August 25th, 2003


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Anyone know of any sites with a list and images of current world leaders?
I'm trying to find a world leader, no idea his name, what he has really done, or what country he leads, he's possibly 'third world' leader - hard job for me huh?
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I love you pale white skinned (euro, caucasian etc.) people whatever your preferred label is. But this question is for those with naturally dark skin.

Do you wear sunscreen? I mean our dark skin has melanin in it which protects us from the harmful rays already. I'm just wondering if I'm still supposed to wear sunscreen.
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Sometimes I like to go to my userinfo page and hop around my friends' bios. I can't help but wonder something whenever I do this: Outside of communities, what makes you add a user who doesn't add you back? Obviously they show no interest in you, so why bother trying?
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being a question whore

Why do we not have the ability to filter out really stupid dreams as being fictional and not real?

Someone had reported that they have school anxiety dreams. I have that too. A few years ago I dreamed I met John Lennon, and I have reoccurring dreams that I'm (don't laugh, I already know it's stupid) riding a tricycle on the interstate. I *know* I have driving anxiety, but this is ridiculous!!!!
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The Bachelor

I saw a clip of an editorial statement by Frank Turner about how if people "Listened to God" more, then shows like The Bachelor would be cancelled. I find the show utterly pathetic and a sheer mockery of life commitments, hence have refused to watch it.

I guess I sort of answered my question for myself, but I was just wondering what you all thought of reality tv shows like The Bachelor.

Book recommendations

Does anyone know of any good non-fiction books that explores the possibility of an afterlife? I'm not looking for hokey books, but philosophical/scientific books that offer theories/proof for a continuation of consciousness after death.

Revenge Ideas

Anyone have any good revenge ideas? I'm looking to exact revenge on some friends. We've been having a bit of a battle mostly doing things to each others cars and windows / doors of apartments.

The problem is they have a garage and I don't. I'm the only one on the first floor too. So I'm definitely most vulnerable.

I'd like to find revenge in a different and unexpected way. Any ideas?