August 24th, 2003


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Does anyone know of any good sites with listings of headlines from different years... specifically, in this case, 1985? If the site had links to actual articles as well that'd be really swell, but I'll take what I can get.
Radical Edward, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV


I'm going to cheat a bit on making this into a question. ;)

I have absolutely the WORST luck in meeting girls. I always become interested in ones that are "taken", but I usually don't find out until AFTER I become interested. Now, I thought I'd finally found a girl that, not only was she available, she even liked me also! *gasp* I come to find out that she's now seeing my ex-roommate (I doubt he did it on purpose, if you knew the background, you'd understand.) Why does this always happen to me? (Not my question...) What could I have possibly done earlier in my life to have deserved this? (Also not my question...) I thought the loneliness that I felt every time I saw a couple together was the most agonizing, horrible pain in the world... but having this happen to me, just as I was building myself up to "testing" whether or not she actually likes me... THAT is the most painful feeling in the world. You know the phrase "Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all"... I couldn't agree more... if I could have only have HAD something... EVER.

(Now for the cheat question...) Any thoughts?
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hey.. im looking for a calendar that i can print off my computer, a month to a page.

I used to get templates off the microsoft download site and it saved in word so i could edit it but i cant find them anymore! can someone show me where they are??

or tell me a site where i can get a calendar!
thanks :))

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Anyone have any thoughts/experiences/advice about companies that do debt management? I mean the type that makes a deal with your creditors and you pay less than you owe on a payment plan.
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Writer-picking help needed

OK, here's the deal: for my English class, I have to write a very very long paper on the style of one of the following writers. The problem is that you're assigned your writer by a lottery, and if you get a low lottery number you have to settle for a writer you didn't want.

I don't want to get stuck picking from a bunch of writers I know nothing about, so I'd love it if you guys could give me some recommendations. Who on this list would you recommend?

Also: I'm bad at analyzing poetry so I really really don't want to do my report on a poet. I've eliminated a few known poets from the list, but if there are any left on here that you know are poets, warn me! Heh.

It'll only take a minute to help me out!

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How important is age to you (in a romantic relationship)?
How great would the age difference have to be before you said no, in spite of any attraction?
Would you stop things with someone who you really hit it off with because you found out their age?

I guess my point is thinking of older men with younger women-When does it to the point where he's TOO old?
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is anyone else bothered by those ethnicity surveys found on standardized tests? the answer options always look like this:

1. hispanic
2. native american
3. black (not hispanic)
4. pacific islander
5. white (not hispanic)
6. asian

it seems like all they care about is whether or not you're hispanic, as if it's a different race even though you can be hispanic and be of any race because it just means you're from a spanish-speaking country i.e. area previously owned by spain. i know black people and white people and brown people that are all hispanic but it's not like that makes them any less black or white or whatever.
has anyone else noticed this? is anyone else bothered by this? like this country still has issues with spain or something.....

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One of my cats, Samson, has something on one of his shoulders showing through his fur, it is a pinky coloured bump/ball, could this be some sort of tic or something??
It isn't bothering him, and I don't really want to touch it just in case it is some sort of growth or it is a tic, any ideas what it could be or what to do - can I just leave it till my mum comes home and let her take a look?
I don't really want to touch it :o/
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