August 23rd, 2003


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Has anyone ever heard of Wateraid, or know much about them?
I was waved down by a good looking guy in the street, getting donations for them, it was pay day and I was in a good mood, so I am now donating to them monthly.
Usually I check out a charity before giving to them because far too many charities have hidden agendas or do research which I see as unethical, I was just wondering if anyone knows of this particular charity or have had any dealings with them.
Apparently they have something to do with Blue Petter, but I'm a ITV child not a BBC child - so I never have or never will watch Blue Petter.

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Why has ICQ yet to come up with an 'away' status for 'privacy'?

Sometimes there are just people I don't feel like talking to, so I put my status on 'privacy' however I have no way of telling people who can see my status that I am away unless I become viable again - and so the people I am avoiding know that I am avoiding talking to them - arg!
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i'm looking into getting a ferret once i move out. (which is about 3 weeks time.)

realizing that this is a large step, i'm looking at buying some books and gathering general advice about them. Ferrets for Dummies is on my to-buy list, as is A Guide To Training Your Pet Ferret.

any general advice or books to buy? (i've looked for a ferret community but can't seem to find one.)

thanks muchly. =^.^=
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A friend asked me this...

How many times a day would be too much when masterbating?

I said as many times as you want, it is your freedom and choice...Free will.
We agreed on that, but just how many times is that?

I am sticking with once a day if that.
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This is odd - several people have made comments to my posts, and to my comments in communities, and I haven't been notified by email! I've checked my LJ settings, and they're set to what they should be. The same as they were before.

Has this happened to anyone else? Maybe this just happens from time to time. Is there anything I could/should do to remedy the situation?
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my asus CD-RW is stuffing up!

when ever i put cd's tries to read it..the little green reading light goes flickers..then it just stops...
and when i click on my computer...the cd isnt there!

should i download drivers?
is my optic lense or whatever it's called, does that need cleaning?
also, this is covered under warranty..but i just wanna know what it is! :)
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this is a weird question hehe

my girlfriend HATES it when i swallow bubble gum...

last year i swallowed around 6 kg's of bubble gum....(im serious)
and this year im probably reaching, around 1kg?

anyway, my question this bad for me? AND is the whole 'oh that wont digest for 7 years' myth true?
can this cause problems for me? lol

thanks in advance!

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You know the whole male fantasy of a pajama party of beautiful sorority girls turning into a giant lesbian orgy? Does this ever actually happen? Has anyone ever been at a pajama party that got sexy at all?
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Do any of you have laser printers? How much is replacement ink, and does it last a long time?

I was under the impression that the ink lasted a lot longer in them than in inkjet printers and was wondering if this was really backed with fact, or just something I imagined.
If it really does last a lot longer, can any of you recommend a good one to get?

It's just for home, but I fairly often find myself printing off 500 page documents or a few hundred copies of something. Right now I'm just spending way too much on ink!


Is it bad manners to not specifically mention cross-posting something? I guess I really wouldn't care if somebody posted something twice in different places and didn't mention it. It seems extraneous. But if it would be rude not to, I guess I should be aware of that.

(Cross-posted to no other journals) ;-)
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