August 22nd, 2003


As you were all kind enoughto give me help and advice last night, I thought I should give you guys an update now I have been to the (alleged) computer doctor.

My laptop is all but dead. I took it into PC World today and the guy was of very little help. At first he said it was either the graphics card or I need a new monitor and if it is the latter then I am looking at a couple of hundred pounds:-/ (he didn't even suggest a loose wire or anything!)

When I told him that I rigged it up to my PC monitor and it was the same he said that it's not the monitor thats the problem then, and it must be the graphics card. But then he contridicted himself. He gave me a phone number for the PC World helpline and told me to wangle myself a warranty and if I can't get one to make sure I have a very stiff drink to hand! (If it is the graphics card, isn't that a small job?!)

But I can't ring the number until I find my reciept, and I'm not sure I've even kept the reciept anyway. And even if I do find it, how the hell do I blag a warranty? Make out I thought I had one or simply charm the person on the line? I'm too honest for my own good!
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Does anyone remember these two shows (I'm in the U.K. so I'm not sure they had them in the U.S.)? - They were both 80's kids T.V. shows.

1.) There was a house on a hill, the characters were teapots and cups - like P.C. Pot - there was also a magic wishing well on a hill. I've seen it as a show with puppets, but I'm pretty sure I watched it when I was little as an animated show, also perhaps a book.

2) I only vaguely remember this one, perhaps earlier than the 80's, the characters were weird blob shaped people, all different colours, I think the main character was a big blue blob and there was also a female one who was black and wore pears around her neck.

I really can't remember or find either of these shows, the second one is really bothering me because I am sure I used to really like the show when I was little.
Anyone have any idea what these shows might be called?

Oh and don't you just love old Kids T.V?
I loved Motormouth, Pink windmill, Teabag, Snow spider (1st series), tomorrow people (1st series), trap door, button moon, danger mouse, rainbow, nightmare, She-ra & He-man, Dogtanian, Fingermouse, Henry's Cat, How, Inspector Gadget, Press Gang, Roland Rat, Raggydolls, Thundercats and Wacaday.
*Sigh* The good old days.
gold trance lives in fear of gabby, gold trance

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Okay, apparently I'm a big giant idiot. How on earth do I leave feedback on I ordered Trigun DVDs and there were big ol' issues, none of which were the seller's fault. He was awesome through the whole thing and I now have DVDs I can actually see and I want to leave glowing feedback. The only problem is that I can't for the life of me figure out how to. Some page on Amazon told me to go the 'Your Account' page and but I can't find any kind of link there that will actually let me do it.

I think I'm just getting frustrated and missing some big obvious thing, but, help! Please!

retirement fund questions..

how does one go about setting up a retirement fund?

some background: a retirement fund was automatically set up for me when i got hired at my current job. a certain amount from my paycheck was automatically added to it every week, blah blah.

anyways, the deal is - today is my last day at that job. the HR department gave me a number to call to get my retirement money out of that fund. but i think its practical to have that fund now [even though i'm only 20]

so, how do i go about setting up an independent retirement fund for myself and depositing this money i am getting back in there? i am so unbelievably clueless about this type of stuff, i'm sure someone here will know.
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I'm smiling through the TEARS

Anxiety Dreams

I have school-based anxiety dreams constantly - I haven't graduated from high school and I have to go back, there's a giant project due tomorrow that everyone else has been working on for months and I jsut found out, I walk into a classroom and find out there's a test...

So here's my question: if you never went to school, what kind of anxiety dreams do you have? Do homeschoolers have these kinds of dreams when they grow up? Does school create the anxiety, or is the anxiety just expressed with images of school?

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when asking a question in this community, do you usually think of the answer first, and then ask the question? for example, i asked who do you miss right now, because i really missed yoshi, my i still
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