August 21st, 2003

Emily Porch
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Workout Regimen?

Hi all!

I want to make a better workout regimen for myself, but there's so much conflicting information out there that it gets very confusing. O_o

Some places say 30 minutes 3 times a week is good, some people say a shorter, more intense workout daily is better, and some people say every other day for an hour, etc. There's tons of other combos that people say work the best.

What is the best workout schedule?
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I bought a textbook off I paid extra for express shipping. I ordered it on the 9th. It finally got here and it was sent fourth class. At least it was the correct book and edition, and it arrived before my class started.

The question,
Would you complain?


I've done something silly. I wanted to reinstall my computer to get rid of all the shit and stuff it accumulates and to make it run faster but now it won't work fullstop.

It goes through the installation and just before the finalizing installation stages, the computer restarts, I see "Windows XP" then that disappears and then nothing, the screen stays black.

I have gone into the computer, the only way possible, through safe mode and checked out the device manager. It all looks okay except on PCI Simple Communications Controller there is an exclamation mark. When I go into properties it says there is no driver.

Is this the problem and if so how do I fix it? or is it something else? Can anyone help? Are the problems fatal? Or is it fixable?



Can anyone explain to me in the simplest possible form, about f-stops and apertures and exposure. I think I have got the basics but just need to know I am understanding it properly. For example, how do you know what settings will give what effect?


Just recently (I'd say about 2 weeks ago, max) I decided to not eat red meat. Unfortunately, I don't know what certian meats classify as red meat.

Does anyone know what kind of meat pepperoni and salami are made out of?
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Taste Explosion...

Alright, recently I was thinking about this. You know how some times when you take a first taste of something, lets say sour, the taste can be so overwhelming that it kinda hurts. But then by the second or third taste that feeling goes away, and you just taste the stuff regularly.

It happens almost all the time with sour candy for me. But today I had it happen with packaged peanut butter crackers. Also sometimes with Granny Smith apples.

Can anybody explain why this happens, or what it is?

online shopping

what are good places to shop for cheap cool clothing online (by cool i mean skater/surfer/punk clothes)?

when ordering clothing online, when you have a PO box, and therefore no adress, (Because i live in canada, and only have a po box in the u.s.) how do you feel out the required adress spot???
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My friend was in a movie released in 2002 called Teddy bears' picnic. It's a Harry Shearer film. For his birthday I want to buy him the DVD or a movie poster, but I've been unable to find either for sale. The movie got horrific reviews, but I'm hoping that doesn't mean it will never go to video/DVD. Can anyone suggest where I might find this "hard to find" gift?
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I recently had my yahoo account hijacked and I have a couple questions for those of you who know about such things, or have had it happen to you. First off- why? What's the point of stealing someone's account? Secondly, the person who took over my account has changed my primary e-mail address to theirs (and it's now being displayed on my profile) and has also changed my account information, so I can't recover my password in any way. What can I do besides e-mail yahoo about this?
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