August 18th, 2003


Mysterious Mysteries

Well, earlier someone asked how we all came up with my handles and I remembered one of my handles that I haven't used in a while anywhere which is ColdFrog. So now, I pose this puzzler unto you, loyal watchers. What is the logic behind the name ColdFrog? You need know nothing about my personal life or anything about my likes or dislikes, it is in fact easily discovered. You just have to know what to look for. Also, if you get stumped you can look at my hint and it may give you a clue. The winner gets a cookie! (OK, not a real cookie, but I can put a cookie up and you can print it out!

Edit: I forgot the hint.
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Can anyone tell me what the top five movies at the box office were this weekend?

Before I get any smart-assed answers, I should explain that I'd look it up myself at, but my work browser always crashes whenever I try to go there. So answer the question knowing that.

Thanks in advance.
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There are three words in the English language
that end in "gry". ONE is angry and the other is
hungry. EveryONE knows what the third ONE
means and what it stands for. EveryONE uses
them everyday, and if you listened very carefully,
I've given you the third word.

What is it? __________gry?

i dont have the answer. its been driving me mad for months.
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i'm currently working...

and i want to sponsor a world vision child...

Which organisation is the most honest? as in the majority of the money goes to the child, instead of admin fee's etc..
cause i was with oxfam before...but heaps of the money i gave went to admin...

so i wanna sponsor a kid now! :)
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"What, what, what is this nonsense of "salad cream"?*

*If you live in a country where the tradition calls for mayonnaise, just don't ask. Just don't. "

- from Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett

Of course now I *have* to ask. What is salad cream, and what's so bad about it (other than a terrible name like salad cream)? XD
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ping! microwave smiles

a little bit of philosophy

Had a rather intriguing philosophy class today and some questions evolved from the topic- We're applying ethics to epistemological and metaphysical fields and seeing where we end up.

Anyway, thought I'd share the questions, see if anyone has a perspective?

1) What is it to think?
2)What is intelligence?
3)Why have humans invented machines that 'think'?
4) Are machines/computers becoming more like us, or are we becoming more like them?
5)If it were possible to create an artificial human- ie, a pump for a heart, a computer for a brain, capable of consciousness- would it be right to do so?

I'll share my answers a bit later on. I want to think about it some more.
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Question #1: How many languages do you know?

Question #2: What's the greatest number of languages you've ever heard of a person knowing?

Question #3: How many languages do you think one could sanely persue learning at the same time?

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Do you think that if I, as an American, wrote to another country's government or one of their government officials regarding a policy I disagreed with, do you think they'd care, or even respond? I know they probably wouldn't care, but might respond... but anymore anyone seems to be impressed when someone from the United States actually pays attention to things going on outside the United States.

::scratches nose::

my mother has a million little sayings that i swear noone i know has every heard of. she attributes them to her mother, insists she didnt make them up.

question: have you heard of any of these?

-if your nose itches, youre going to kiss a fool.

-if you put new shoes on the table, its bad luck.

-if you spill the salt, company is coming.
[if you drop a fork, its a woman.
if you drop a knife, itll be a man.]

-if you rock an empty chair, there will be police at your door.

she has a million more theyre just hard to recall on the spot. crazy lady. :)
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What do you tell your best friend when she texts you after her girlfriend of two years has broken up with her and she doesn't know how to cope without her, and she can't turn to anyone but you?

My friend, Rhi, came out to me about two years ago when she got together with Kirsty....I've never gotten on too well with Kirsty, but Rhi liked her, so that was fine by me....In my opinion, Kirsty never treated her too right....She was a lot like me when I'm in a relationship....Very low self-confidence, very needy, very attention seeking

Anyway, enough about her...They were together for that full two years...Rhi hasn't told any of her family except for one older sister, who I think is away at the moment at Uni or something....She's completely desolate and is convinced that she's lost the love of her life....The way we all feel when we've been dumped...Except she's not the Dumped Queen that I am....And I don't know how to tell her that she will repeatedly fall in love, and probably go through this more than once along the way before she finds someone that will treat her the way she deserves to be treated...I don't want to hurt her feelings...And I don't want her to be mad at me for trying to suggest that the sun might not have shone out of Kirsty's arse....

Any suggestions?
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