August 17th, 2003

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My family lives in a mostly Chinese neighborhood. When I am out and about in my neighborhood, I carry my baby in a sling, and old Chinese ladies are CONSTANTLY telling me that the baby's too hot. So my question is - do old Chinese ladies hassle everybody about their babies being hot? Or is something to do with the sling? Or am I just lucky?
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so my cousin is convinced that every state has a new jersey is the garden state and florida is the sunshine that true? and what are their nicknames if you know any?


Anyone know of any specific small fonts that are good for icon making? Ideally this would mean that I could include a lot of words on icons, but it wouldn't be so small that you couldn't see them clearly.
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So I know that the if you're "in love" with someone you also love them, but you also know that if you love someone you're not necessarily "in love" with them (for instance, your parents and grandparents).

So. . . . what do YOU think some of the things/aspects are that distinguish being "in love" with someone, from loving someone?
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What is the connection between smart people and glasses?

I know it's a common stereotype but it seems to have a basis. Almost all of the smart people I know wear glasses (or sometimes contacts). I have seen stupid people get glasses, but they never keep them for more than a few days, and the glasses tend to be pretty weak to begin with. In fact, it almost seems like the smarter people are, the worse their eyesight is. With the exception of one person, all the really smart people I know are practically blind. Now given, some of these people are middle-aged, but some of them are teenagers too! And I can honestly say I've never met a stupid person who can't see.

So what's going on here? Does anyone know where to find research or articles, or maybe have a hypothesis themselves?

Women & Shoes

Why do (almost?) all women seem to have a fascination with shoes to the point of where they need thousands (okay, well A LOT) of them? Imelda Marcos, Carey on Sex and the City, etc. You NEVER hear of a guy who's famous because he's got too many of a clothing item... And I gotta tell you, (almost all) men don't even look down there (not that that should be your primary reason for buying clothing, but it's probably up there)...
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take this into consideration:

you like a boy [sorry guys -- just go along with it] a lot and he likes you and things are going great .. you havent kissed yet but its okay .. you're working on it.

on the other hand, you've liked this other boy for like a year and you just find out that he liked you for a year as well but neither of you confronted each other for fear it would ruin the relationship you had before [since you were BEST FRIENDS].

then last night when both of you are spilling to each other about your crush on each other, he kissed you out of no where.

what would you do?
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attention all those in the technical know

k i have to do this tiny little presentation for a network security subject... and i can find much info.

My tiny talk is on network topologies... (eg bus, star, ring)

can anyone suggest any security issues with these... like comparisons? or make something up that sounds convincing?

all facts and bullshitting is appreciated :)
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file-sharing anti-lawsuit idea:

how legally binding would it be if programs like kazaa made the person downloading any file click "yes" or "agree" to a contract of some sort that said that the person that the file is being downloaded from would not be liable for anything that's being downloaded from him and could not be sued?

please comment here

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Okay, I have a question for y'all.

I find that when people post something off topic in a community, or post links to websites or other communities that really have nothing to do with the community they're posting to, it pisses me off.

Being the moderator of a community, I have to deal with this a lot. At least, it feels like a lot to me. But I want to be a good moderator, so I'm asking you.

Does it bother you when people post off topic? If someone does, would you want the moderator to delete it, or at least tell that person not to do it again? Do you care at all?

Thank you!

*edit*(Oh crap. Did I just do what I dislike most, and post off topic? I suddenly realized that this is a question about Live Journal, but it's not a question about how LJ works. Is the question kosher, mods? I'm soooo sorry if I screwed up!)