August 16th, 2003



When people can't really pronounce S's, that's called a lisph, right? How is that spelled? I'm totally guessing.

Is the word lisph (again, sp) supposed to be pronounced with a lisph, so it comes out as "lith-puh" or crisply, so it comes out as "liss-p?"

Indepent film buffs...I need help.

Someone posted below about needing help identifying a film. Indeed, I need the same assistance only mine is a tad...a lot harder.

I saw this movie on the Independent Film channel last summer, who knows, maybe even the summer before. But I think it was last summer. Anyway, it was a foreign film from China, and it had four storylines that all interconnected. One was about a boy thief, one was about a man who taxi...uhm, carted (meaning, it was a bikecar) a woman home every night and fell in love with her, and one was about a woman who sold flowers, and I can't remember the fourth. The woman who sold flowers got a job picking water lilies. She never met her boss until one day she finally got to his house in the middle of the field. He was a leper, who had lost his fingers. He was also a poet who was sad because he could no longer write. She got a job transcribing for him. I can remember almost nothing, and I never saw the end. I think the title had something to do with four and seasons, but I've done tons of searches to find nothing. I don't really expect to find it, but it's worth a try.

Anyone think they know this movie?
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yum yum

is there a flavor that you won't eat? [candy, soda-pop..etc. not the real fruit ]

i won't eat grape or orange. i think they are yucky. =P
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Q: Who sired you?
To make this simple for some ignorant people, who gave you the code for LiveJournal?
If nobody gave you a code.. you bought one yourself, then the question will be: Where did you hear about LiveJournal from?
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hold stella

Coldplay Scientist

Okay, I'm not a fan of Coldplay so I wouldn't know
I want to know how they made that Scientist video. It's the one where everything is going backwards but the singer's mouth is normal.

Is it computers?

Or did he just learn the song backwards and "sang" it?

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being yourself

has anyone else felt more comfortable when they are either away from home or visiting another country?
my parents are from spain and every time we visit there i feel more comfortable and that i can be myself more than when i am not at home...wondering if anyone else felt like this or maybe it could be the whole im an vacation feeling?
Loveless - Ritsuka and Soubi (Kiss me)
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I have plans on building various websites yet I fully understand that is very hard without proper software. Can you please reccomend me good, easy if possible software to make websites? I would deeply appreacite it :D
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I'm having an argument with my brother...

Do you think Björk and Nine Inch Nails are similar? If so, in what ways? On a scale of 1-10, how similar are they, in your opinion?
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What the heck is the difference?

I'm browsing for a new gig bag as my current one is falling apart and I'm seeing certain bags advertised as bass guitar gig bags and some advertised for the electric guitar. The bags essentially look the same and are the same size as far as I can tell. So is there something I'm missing or not noticing that makes a bag specifically for a bass guitar rather than an electric or vice versa?