August 13th, 2003


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Is there anything that can be smelled when a girl is on her period?
My boyfriend can normally tell I'm on my period because my breasts are bigger, or he cheats and spots that I have brought my cup with me, but today he says he can smell that I am about to come on - not the smell of menstrual blood or 'pussy' smell either because I am clean and am not 'on' yet - are there any pheromones or anything that could be smelled when a woman is about to 'come on'?
Excuse me letting the world know that I am due my period :oP
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So here's something I've always wondered...

How do backup singers to famous singers get their jobs? Do they have an agent who finds them auditions?

But how do they become a 'professional backup singer' rather than just a 'professional singer'? Backup singers have different skills than solo artists. They need to be able to support and now drown out the singer. They need to be able to find and sing harmonies. How would someone then scout out a backup singer?

So how do they get their job?
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I'm just about to leave my job. It's a boring, entry-level administration job, where you're not actually expected to have a brain and get treated as such. But there is one person at work that has done everything she could to make my administration job less like a living hell - offered to help me, gave me tasks which allowed me to show my potential, suggested better jobs I could go for, and generally treated me with some respect.

So the question - what is the best way to thank her? Not a huge gesture, but.. something. I feel like I should, but it seems a bit embarrassing. Any suggestions?

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Am I the only one who has a really high sex drive but is a virgin still? Because it seems like I get horny all the time. I'm so sad that I'm still a virgin and I can't find a guy.

Oh. This question is directed towards girls. Heh.
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i know this is probably a dumb question but when guys masturbate and they make themselves cum, doesn't that make a big mess for them on their clothes or whatever? like i'm not trying to be gross about my brother, but i know he jerks off a lot, but like you can never tell that he was cleaning up a mess or anything?

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Are Alienware laptops worth the obscene price they carry?

What laptop would you recommend as an alternate? Price really isn't the main concern, but I would like to know that I'm getting a good computer not just a $2000 playstation. I'm not a gamer, this is for an office so I would like it to be good enough to not be too terribly obsolete within the next two or three years.....other than that I don't really have any requirements.

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this is really weird

My computer is running really slow

im currently running a 2.2ghz celeron (hehe) with 256 DDR ram and a 40gb hdd..

the weird thing is, is that sometimes i cant even open note pad without waiting 2 minutes! what the hell?
my pentium 200 opens note pad in like atleast...3 seconds ;)

I've scanned for viruses's and trojans..but nothing!

any idea what's going on?

thank's so much!
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So goatees (is that how you spell it)...they are a trend with the younger men. now, if freud were alive, would he say that they were a subconscious thingy?
here's the thing. i know this person who hates them because he thinks of them as vaginas. now i've got it stuck in my head and everytime i see or think of a guy with a goatee, i think, "vag mouth".
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OK, I've heard that if someone gets their tongue pierced there are two meanings for the positions. If it's further back on your tongue its for one gender's 'pleasure' and further to the front is for the other gender's 'pleasure'. question is..which is which? I can't remember.

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argh more pc problems!


I downloaded 'stinger' made by mcafee to get rid of the msblast.exe worm

it deletes it and everything is fine
but as soon as i plug my adsl back in, it gets another copy and it shuts down

this is some of the information it shows before it shuts down

1) first it pops up one of those boxes where it says...
"generic host process for win 32 sevices enocounted a problem"
2) when i click more info it says "szAppName : svchost.exe szAppVer : 5.1.2600.0 szModName : unknown
szModVer : offset : 00000000 "

when i ctrl + alt + del i have like 5 svchost.exe's running...

should i patch my copy of xp professional?

i also deleted a weird file called MSblast***********.pf the *'s are the rest of it's filename that i cant remember (random letters and numbers) it was inside my C:\windows\preftech folder?

any help on this would be appreciated!
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When something bad happens, you say, "oh, that sucks," or "oh, that blows." Am I the only person that has noticed the pervertedness of those sayings?

Am I weird for thinking about that?
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