August 12th, 2003

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Flirting books!

My sister wants to get a "how to flirt" type of book for her boyfriend for his birthday as a gag gift-- seeing as he burps and when she calls him on it, he says he's flirting.

We've been looking on the internet for something along the lines of "Flirting for Dummies" but have come up empty. Any suggestions as to which book to look for?
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Does anyone know of any good webhosting sites that don't insanely overcharge?

I need at least 25MBs and I need it to permit adult content. I plan to post some fiction there, and a lot of what I write is NC17 rated. Also, FTP would be kindda nice, though I can live without. And GAH, please no popups! x_x'

Thanks in advance.
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  • felyn

manga recommendations?

can anyone recommend a good manga series?

i'm looking for something new to read in the way of english-translated manga, but can't seem to find anything that catches my attention beyond what i've read/ordered so far:
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Time Travel Vacation

There was an earlier post that asked "Do you think time travel is possible?" which got me thinking and curious:

If you could visit any time period - Which would you travel to, and Why?

this is, of course, assuming that it would be possible - both backwards and forwards
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(no subject)

I need a picture of Julian McMahon in Nip/Tuck. The one I need is when he's wearing the red sunglasses on his way to meet with the models. And I can;t find it. Anybody know where I can get it?

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has anybody ever been to the metropol in pittsburgh?

does it have air conditioning? or is it like the agora in cleveland where you will die of heat stroke before the concert is over...

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i have a pair of leather boots. in one of them, the insole (also leather) is coming out. it's only glued down in the toe and it's all wrinkly. i let them air out (they were all damp and sweaty) and now the insole has dried all funky (all wrinkly and curled up and hard). how can i fix it? if i wipe it with something wet, will it get soft again?

dvd lens cleaner

Has anyone ever used a dvd lens cleaner? Do they work? My ps2 won't read dvds anymore (even ones that I know have worked in the past) and I'm hoping that the lens is just dirty. It still plays games just fine thankfully. Or am I better off just popping it open and cleaning the lens myself with a bit of canned air and rubbing alchohol? My warranty is already voided because I know my ex had popped the ps2 open a few months ago. Any other suggestions?
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(no subject)

Can anyone recommend a good tour operator? I am planning a trip to Europe and I want to go on a group type trip. I'm looking for something that has airfare and hotel included, and has a tour director type person that takes you to the hotel and gets you settled in and recommends things to do or leads tours. I already have the brochures from Club ABC and Perillo Tours. Are there any other reputable tour operators out there?

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why do people like watching drama?? especially when it makes them cry?

it kinda annoys me cuz some people are really into it and they tend to mix real life with what's on tv [especially drama-queens].

this is hypocritical, cuz i like some drama myself.
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Blaster worm ...

After having recently been inflicted with the "Blaster worm" I am wondering - what is the difference between a worm and a virus? Also, how does one get a worm? I don't open email from people I don't know and I don't really surf much ... so I am not sure how I could pick one up. Lastly, anyone else a victim of this most recent worm? I have encountered a lot of people who have been infected and really wonder why a warning has not shown up on the news yet.
Thanks all!