August 11th, 2003

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Stephen King and autism

Question for Stephen King fans:

I've noticed in a couple of Stephen King's books/movies he's had a main character who's autistic. In Rose Red a main character is autistic and ends up destroying a house just by drawing a picture. In The Regulators an austic boy sucks a whole street into his mental world and ends up murdering half the residents (granted there are other forces at work there, but let's not get into that. Read the book, it's terrific. Look for Richard Bauchman, of course).

My question: Are there more autism references in his work? And does anyone know why?
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I have a 56K connection. Why, then, when I try to upload files to servers, do the files only transfer at 2,200 bps? If I'm connected at 49,333 bps, shouldn't my files be transferring at SOMEWHERE around that rate?

I've tried this with several different servers, so I can only think that my connection's at fault here. Do I have grounds to complain, or is my piece of crap host (AOL. Yes. Fuck me.) going to beat me into the ground with technicalities?

I have a domain but I can't even upload anything above 1 MB because of this AND the fact that AOL drops the connection every frigging ten minutes. I can't take it anymore!!!
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(no subject)

This question comes as a result of this.
I’m wondering what people think of this - the view this side is that although some people may still get upset by these things if they missunderstand the meaning of people wearing them than it is their problem, also that by not wearing them we are keeping the power of say the swastika in the hands of the nazi's.
Wearing swastika has been discussed in Pagan forums before, for those who don’t realise right way up the swastika is used by Pagans/Norse, Eastern religions and in some cases Christianity.
This has also been discussed by the fetish community regarding a ban in a lot of clubs of wearing nazi uniforms.
What do you think should there still be an issue regarding wearing nazi related things?

American food

American food what I be seeing on TV - what are twinkies, tootsie rolls ho-ho's and malomars?
Also do you have pizza-rollers (rolls with pizza topping inside) or Fluff (marshmallow spread) in the US (they stopped making them in the UK)?

More food questions...

Can you still get peanut cups in the US or UK?
They came in packs of two, chocolate cups with American peanut butter inside (American tends to be sweet, English is savory - as I know it anyway)

Can you get 'Big red' chewing gum in the UK anymore?
Cinamon chewing gum.
Or the cinamon breath freshner which came in little bottles for 80p, where you'd put a few drops on your tounge and your breath would be freash but your mouth was numb for a few hours because it was so strong :oD
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How much should I weigh?

I`m 5'3"[which is suppose to be my final height] 27 inch waist, i don`t have like a big tumor that would weigh me down..
and i`m 14.

or what is the average weight for girls my age?
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Donnie Darko cd

Has anyone here heard or do they have the Donnie Darko soundtrack? I was thinking of buying it but says it's just the score. While I love orchestral music I really want the song they play at the end, and I was wondering if it was on there with lyrics.

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Isabella Soprano

(no subject)

so Meatloaf sings "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that"

what is that?

I didn't find the lyrics, and I don't have it downloaded yet to listen to it, and it's kinda bugging me. anyone wanna help?
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leaving on a jetplane

I'm packing for a trip. Okay, not packing. I'm procrastinating while I should be packing. At least I'm making a mental list of things I need to bring. So that brings me to my question:

Is a bottle of mousse safe to be packed and stored in the luggage hold of an airplane?
The air pressure won't make the bottle explode all over my clothes, will it?
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credit check?

what exactly happens when someone runs a credit check on you?

i'm getting one done by a realtor i'm [hoping to] get an apartment from.

what things do they look at and what do they look for, like specifically, when they check your credit?
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I just was doing the litter box for the cat my roommate is kitty sitting for and I noticed there are HUGE cat pee stains on our floor!! It's a brand new hardwood floor! And we rent!

This is very bad.

Is there ANY way to get this out? Home remedies? Anything? Could I hire somekind of professional?

OMG. This cat pee could cost me $625. HEEEEELLLPPPPPP!!!

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According to the scale, I've lost seven pounds since I started Weight Watchers in May. I don't see it at all. The only indication is that my heel spur stopped hurting so much. My clothes still fit, so I haven't lost any inches that I know of. I'm pretty sure the weight wasn't all water either. At least I hope it wasn't. When will actually start to see the results though? It's a little frustrating.
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computer problems

All day today, this message has been popping up on my boyfriend's computer and then shutting down Windows after a countdown:

Remote Procedure Call Terminated Unexpectedly
Initiated by NT Authority/System

It's never happened before today and we have not downloaded anything. Anyone know what this is and how to stop it?