August 10th, 2003

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You know that well-known phrase people say after a punchline, where they go "HI-YO!", lol it's always hilarious and gets me every time, like if it's on the Simpsons or the Daily Show and even Lucky Bob from Hysteria! or whatever, but yeah who knows who originated that remark? I'm sure it was a famous TV personality or something from decades ago, but I have not a clue. And I hear it everywhere! Arrgh.

Groundskeeper Willie: "We're wasting more energy than Ricky Martin's girlfriend -- HI-YO!"
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ok i have seen pirates of the caribbean 6 times (*cough*, shut up) and i am still baffled.
remember in the beginning when elizabeth first goes on the black pearl?, and she holds up the madallion and barbossa is like, "behold, zebursta paaahh harghyrrgrr something."
what the fuck did he say?

Question for community mods.

Question for those of you who are member moderators, or even members.
If there is a troll in a community, someone posting things that are obviously stupid, disrespectful, etc. which is worse - members reacting, or members not reacting to it.
You see, I think that members reacting to such posts usually just validate the trolls stupid behaviour and stur up arguments, however it also shows them that this sort of post is not accepted.
What do you think?