August 8th, 2003

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What are some other LiveJournal-type journals. I know of DeadJournal. But I'm looking for other journals. If anyone knows of any that use the same type of format as LiveJournal, I would greatly appreciate it!

Radical Edward, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

Showers and sneezing...

Very frequently, when I take a shower, if I am in the water for more than ten minutes, it makes me sneeze. Sometimes while I'm still in the water, but usually after I get out, I will sneeze (normal sneezes, random amount from 1 to 3) a couple different times, and seem like I am more prone to sneezing later in the same day. Does this mean anything?

PT Cruiser for Sale in Illinois!

I live in the northern suburbs of Chicago, I go to school in Champaign, if anyone in the area is interested, let me know!

is anyone interested in buying a 1999 purple PT Cruiser with a custom flamed paint job, 16,000 miles? we're the first and only owners so far, so you'll get a complete and accurate history. the blue book value is $18,000. We're asking for $12,000 and we'll consider serious offers. the paint job alone would cost between three and four thousand.

if you have any questions or are interested at all, comment to me and ill get you my email address. i will have pictures and details available.

jill shadow


I've been looking on Ebay for different dvds, and I keep coming across listings that say "VCD/DVD." What is a vcd? Will it work in my dvd player?