August 5th, 2003


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So i have a random question for everyone. Let's say you are out with a group of close friends and your significant other calls. Do you drop what you're doing, step outside for a few minutes, and chat with your honey? Or do you tell them that you will call them as soon as you have time, that you love them but you can't talk right then and there, and spend time with the people you are out with?

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just curious as to what you guys think about this!

court and snark

how do you feel when admins bitch at you in various online communities you may belong to?
how do you respond, if at all, to such snark-age?
does your response change if you are one of the offending parties?
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sensuality in music

Here is the deal: I am fond of crescendos. Hearing music (classic or otherwise) that makes good use of crescendos is like having an emotional orgasm. A good example of this is "Winter" by Tori Amos. So... what are some songs that make good use of crescendos- with rising action, climax and a warm afterglow? What songs give you an emotional orgasm?
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i just acquired a napoleonic uniform of some sort. it's a reproduction, obviously, but it's still really old. i did some research on the tag and the company that made it ceased to exist in 1933. that's all i know about how old it is. the jacket is in pretty good shape and i intend to wear it. however, it's really wrinkly and dusty and whatnot.
is it safe to get it dry cleaned?

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do you read your horoscope? if you do, is it usually positive or negative... or an equal mix of both?

lately mine has been rather negative, telling me i'm not accepted by my peers, i'm in over my head, i have money problems... etc.

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does anyone here think that terrorists will strike again?

If so, where do you think they will strike?

experts in australia think they will use Sydney or Melbourne as a 'stage'

what do you all think?
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Does Anyone have.....

Does anyone have, or know where I can get a copy of the MTV show Becoming? I want the episode where the become Incubus. TV TOME says that Alex and Scott from Paradise Hotel are in it together. I wanted to see for myself. I would be so happy if someone could hook me up!


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Cats ??

Is anyone else's cat obsessed with boobs, and specifically nipples?

My roommate and I have both been assaulted by this cat! She's always reaching for them with her paws, and the other day I woke up to her BITING my nipple! And she stares at them whenever she's not biting them or pawing them. Do you think she's a construction worker reincarnate?

Do you think spanking leads to future S&M?

Just curious as to what everyone thinks.

Poll #165089 Corporal punishment and kinkiness

Were you spanked as a child?

Yes, frequently
Yes, occasionally
Only a few times that I can recall
Not at all

Are you into S & M?

Yes, masochism
Yes, sadism

Do you feel that the two are related?

I guess they could be, but not in my case
You sick freak!
I honestly have no idea

Care to elaborate?