August 4th, 2003

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What has been the most uncomfortable experience in your lifetime?

What has been the most... (comfortable doesn't sound right here)... What has been the nicest experience?

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Does anyone here play the Balls of Steel pinball games? What are your high scores? I just got 400 million on Darkside, and 498 million (almost half a billion!) on Barbarian.
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i have this recurring dream that i am, in some way or another, forced to perform for people, whether it be on stage or otherwise. once i was alice from alice in wonderland; another i was dorothy from the wizard of oz. i once had to try out for an honors band on flute, & i had to sing & dance with someone else for an audience. the only thing is, i never know what exactly i'm supposed to do; i don't know my lines or stage directions. i don't know my music or dance steps. the entire time i'm performing, i'm scared to death--what comes next? what do i do now? what do i say? what's supposed to happen? but somehow i always seem to pull through & do exactly what i'm supposed to, & i receive a standing ovation every time. afterwards i marvel at how i got through the performance, & feel as though somebody came to my rescue... oh, i can't think of the word. through my mind, supernaturally, telepathically...metaphysically? it just feels like i was somebody else for that entire time. even though i was nervous, i wasn't thinking & the words just came out, the fingers & feet just moved, & they moved beautifully & perfectly.

what could the dream mean? maybe:

i feel like people expect too much of me, they expect me to "perform" & i never know what to do which pleases them. i pretend like i'm someone else & they love it & i feel relieved, but at the same time scared that they might find out who i really am & hate me for it.

or maybe: [your turn.]
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are you for or against meeting up with people online? if you're for it, with what thumb rules?

i'm for it, and my thumb rules are:
-meet in group [people you already know]
-meet in crowded place
-meet in area you're familiar with


The rule about no LJ questions stands. ALL LJ questions will be deleted. Questions asking where to find communities are answered on the Userinfo.

Read the userinfo before posting in this community.

I hope I don't have to say this again.
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wasps wasps wasps

I've just discoverd 2 small wasps nests in my attic. they are new because they weren't there 2-3 months ago. now I'm basicly not sure on the best course of action weather to remove the nests now or wait till winter when the wasps are all dead.
so my question is as stated what is the best thing to do remove and destroy the nest now or wait till winter?