July 31st, 2003

Isabella Soprano

in all honesty...

seriously, how do YOU feel about homosexuality and same-sex marriages? I want you to NOT hold your tongue because I really want to know what everyone thinks.

I support it, on all accounts. some of the greatest people I know are homosexuals and I love them for being honest with themselves, me, and the world.
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Is it normal to not remember close to anything that happened in the first 10 or 11 years of your life? I really don't remember my childhood at all. When I see pictures of myself as a kid it seems like a different person because I don't remember where or why I am in the picture. When my mom brings up things that happen in my childhood I never remember it. I always thought I just had a bad memory but I was talking to my roommate and she said most people generally have at least a handful of memories of their childhood.

I know people that have traumatic experiences as children like sexual abuse often block out parts of their lives but I don't think I was ever abused or had any other event that would cause this. Anyway, I was just wondering what any of you think, is this normal? I'm 20, by the way.
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Tomorrow is the first day of a new month. Theres something about rabits and/or bunnys that you are supposed to say the first thing to have good luck for the month, but I can't remember what it is. Does anyone know? I know it's kind of like... stupid and immature and downright childish of me but I really want and need August to be a good month. Anyone know the answer? Please? Thanks a bunch!

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Is it true that Pfizer owns the rights to he AIDS "cocktail" so no generic brand can be made? meaning all these people in South Africa, Thailand and other economically depressed countries do not have acess to the medication that can save their lives because Pfizer won't let them make an less expensive version of the series of life saving medications ?
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