July 30th, 2003


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Can spiders have six legs?

I know spiders usualy have eight legs, but there's this... THING in my bathtub that looks exactly like a spider, except it only has six legs.

All I know is if someone doesn't kill that thing, I won't be able to work up the nerve to shower. *shudder*
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Ok...I want to change what my comment link says...and yes I know how to do that...but I have no clue as to what I want to change it to say...any ideas? Maybe something that pertains to Angelina Jolie since that's what my layout is right now.

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how do i quit my job?!

i currently work at a library and i LOVE it here but i am a senior in college, i have 1 semester left [thank god!] and i really want to start september off right and devote time to finishing school.

so i plan on quitting my job at the library to free up my time. but i have never had to quit a job ever in my life. also, i loved this job. and i want it to go smoothly because i need this place as a GOOD reference. i was thinking of letting my boss know now and then reminding him of my "2 weeks notice"..

does anyone have any suggestions or tips or strategies to go about this? its almost aug 1st and ill be starting school sept 3rd so i need to do this SOON!
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Anyone have a free account at Angelfire? I'm new to this, so could you please tell me how to set my page up so that there is a scrollbar on the left where I can put subpages?
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Cd makey help

I'm making a cd and I'm trying to keep with a theme, so I was wondering if anyone had some stuff to suggest. The theme is basically just the style of music, not too hard but not really poppy either. Here's the stuff I have so far:

Michelle Branch, Jars of Clay, Steve Burns, Jewel, and Matchbox 20

Any suggestions? It doesn't have to be by them, just something along those lines.
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Can someone recommend an Irish/ Celtic streaming radio station that is relatively crap-free? New Age-y crap-free, cheesy smarmy Paddy drinking song-free, wanna-be Pogues crap-free? Does such a thing exist?
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Does anyone happen to know of any online resource that has the rules for "title case" — the capitalization rules for titles of books, songs and junk?

After all, I'm a software engineer, not a grammarian!
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