July 28th, 2003

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i want to buy some Multiplayer games...?

Any recommendations on something that wont last 2 seconds? :)

thanks heaps!

btw counter strike is too hard for me :)

i played against some koreans..and omg...I lasted 2 seconds!

they're so good!
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why do i allow myself to feel inferior to someone i don't even really know. i am a bombastic person. i am talkative. i am opinionated. i am liberal. i am intelligent. most people like me. this person does not seem to care about me one way or another. shows no interest. the idea of someone who shows absolutely NO interest in me when i am so interested in them is...well, not as uncommon as i'd like to think it is...however, i still never learn. why do i feel this way?????
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a year ago, my friends met these guys online and she introduce them to me. we got to know them through lj. we decided to go meet each other in person at knotts berryfarm. the thing was my bf was completely against it. but i went anyway. later that year, we went to meet each other again, and my bf still against it. i told him i wouldn't go a couple of days before the trip, but my friends pressured me into going that morning anyway. a year had passed, my bf still mad about it. i don't feel that it's wrong to go meet new friends, and i consider all the danger that could happen, but i know i can trust these guys. my bf called me a naive fool for thinking that it was alright to go and go again and that i didn't consider his feelings. he wouldn't accept my appology or forgive. i think he's being too stubborn and proud, cuz i don't think i did anything wrong. i'm really confused about this. and he puts our relationship on the line cuz of something that was a year ago. what do you think?

after my trip to knotts, he went out with another girl and they kissed right infront of me. but few weeks later we got back together. and we broke up like 6 more times (i lost count after 6). i forgave him about that episode with that girl, but he still hasn't forgive me. also, i started to talk to those guys online because he started hanging out with his friends and neglected me, i needed someone to talk to and i that's where i turned to. i put as much truth in this as possible, and it still sound like i'm on my defense. if you were my bf, what would've been on your mind? and any tips for me how to deal with this??? and what would your argument be if you're defending him?? i want to see from his point of view. he's not being very reasonable when i talk to him about this. either that or he's being too proud to tell me honestly. =( help please?
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So, aside from getting him declawed or shooting him, what's a way to pevent/stop my roommate's cat from clawing up the carpet? He already has a scratching post, and other surfaces that he's supposed to be scratching.
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Ahem. Jersey Girls.

On more than one occassion, I have been visiting another state and have met locals (men, typically) and mentioned that I am from New Jersey. Typically the response will be "Hmmm, Jersey Girl", paired with raised eyebrows.

What is this about? I do not wear acid wash jeans, Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen t-shirts, and I do not have big hair. What is this "Jersy Girl" thing? Are we seen as being easy or something? I don't get what the joke is, so I find it to be particularly annoying.
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Okay, I eat cream of celery, mushroom, asparagus, broccoli and potato soup, but does anyone eat cream of chicken, or is it just for cooking?
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