July 24th, 2003

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A friend of mine at work recently was (unfairly) fired. Now he was out sick when he was notified so he didn't have a chance to take his personal items out of his desk. I offered to get his things for him but he is hesitant about me taking them from his desk. They are clearly his possessions but he's worried that I might get in trouble.

What should I do? Should I try and get his stuff during lunch when most people on his floor are out? Or should I check with human resources first? I don't know how widely known it is that he is fired since he was out on short term disability recently. We work in different departments so I don't know his boss at all. And for whatever reason his immediate supervisor was told that he was not to have any contact with him.

leaf and fire

Dumb question about VCRs.

Now, I've been able to send tapes to friends in the UK, and their PAL VCR system plays the NTSC tapes. We've never tried it the other way around, and I've had no reason to ask until now. My question (because I've never dealt with it much before) is are American/Canadian VCRs capable of playing PAL tapes at all? All I know is that there's some difference in the frame per second rate.

Edit: The UK system she has is NTSC-compatible. This is why there are no issues on that end.
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