July 23rd, 2003

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Why must we make bonds that eventually must be broken in order to make the best out of a situation/experience? Why do we need to make friendships that must be altered or left behind when people move on with their lives?

country country country

I'm making a country music cd for a western theme dance and I'm having some trouble finding songs.

I need more upbeat country music. any ideas? something else other than Shania Twain and Dixie Chicks would be great. :-)

thanks! :D
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I don't usually follow celebrities or anything like that. But I follow hot chicks a little, and I saw Jennifer Lopez on TV recently. I think she has had a nose job. Her nose looked thinner than usual. Anyone else notice this or have any info? I just think it would be so funny if she actually did get a nose job.
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What do I do now?!

Last night I applied to this ad for girls to be models for video game characters. I kinda twisted the truth a bit when i applied. I said I was an aspiring actress (well, I like to pretend things when telemarketers call) and a dancer (I like to dance! That counts right?)

I also said i didn't have a headshot available to e-mail, and I sent a few snapshots. They replied saying they really like me for the project but they want to see a "comp card" because thats professionally done.

I don't have one! What do I do? Should I make up somehting and offer to go see them in person or something? I really want to do this because it would be really awesome.
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The year is 1909, you are in a room with an artist, Adolf Hitler.
Do you:
a) kill him, maybe poison him and save the world from all the damage he may later inflict.
b) try and talk to him, reason with him, change his mind/veiws on matters.
c) say fuct it, cuz if its not him it'll be someone else who rounds up the troops.
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i'm kind of embarassed to ask, but i really need some advice, so..

How do you get over someone? The peson in question.. I know he's no good for me, and as a bit of a player probably not interested anymore himself, but I keep getting these thoughts. I haven't approached him about it because I want to give him space and not crowd him out, and it's not like we have a close friendship or anything. It's purely a one night stand deal that won't go away. Mental pictures of his smile, or an endless train of 'what if?' thoughts haunt me. Wanting to be with him, having these thoughts, seems masochistic. No matter how much I tell myself that I don't need him, or I don't want him, or it's pointless to dwell, I can't seem to get over him. I think it's kind of like with chocolate. You tell yourself "no, i don't need that chocolate, it'll make me fat/pimply/whatever".. but you still crave the sodding chocolate. Anyone have any good tips?
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I heard a song on the radio this morning, and Google and a couple of other search engines haven't been able to give me anything in terms of results for lyrics, or even the name of the song. All I remember is something alone the lines of "you leave much to be desired ~ but I still desire you". It was an amusing song, so if anyone can tell me what it is or who sings it, I'd be grateful.
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How many people here have been through a corn maze?

I went through a really neat one in North Carolina, a few years ago.... I think I have a postcard with an aerial view somewhere. Part of it was made into a signature of some sort.