July 22nd, 2003


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Does anyone know...
GP's surgeries in the UK, do they allow anyone to put leaflets in their surgery if they ask permission first, or are they told by a higher power what they can or can not have?

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I think I have some major anxiety issues. Had them a good part of my life, but right now it is completely intolerable. It arises whenever there is something obtrusive in my life yet completely out of my control. More often than not, it involves people moreso than events.

I have no insurance, so its not like I can just pop a happy pill and be done with it. Does anyone have any advice on how to eliminate this kind of anxiety without the use of drugs? Meditation doesn't seem to work since I can't stop thinking about the situation.
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Random questions, as usual from me.

1. In "To Kill A Mockingbird," at the end Boo doesn't like the light. Was there a reason for this at all? I mean, I know he spent all his time inside, but that doesn't mean he didn't turn lights on inside the house...

2. Can anyone explain ERA to me? I know that it stands for Earned Run Average, and the lower it is the better pitcher you are, but what exactly is an Earned Run?

3. How do they calculate baseball averages?

4. Does anyone else have a problem with cable modem where if there's a thunderstorm the internet won't connect?
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Anyone know where i can obtain a FREE copy of my credit report with no special trials or free for 30 days? i mean.. just something that will let me get my report and leave me alone??


Question about jails.

Hey, does anyone know if all jails/prisons require a strip search for visitors? Or is it just maximum security prisons? I'm debating on what type of law I want to go into, and the answer to this question might make me decide not to go into criminal defense law.

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Is it rude to ask people to drive 2-3 hours to attend your wedding? I know of the PERFECT place to have our wedding, but it's 2-3 hours away...it'll be a small wedding anyways, but is it just wrong to do that? What if we rent those big vans for people to ride in/and maybe even pay for them to stay in a hotel overnight?

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This is kind of a spinoff to a question asked yesterday about whether big people should have to buy two tickets on a plane,etc.
I was reading a book lately called "The Fat of the Land", it's about the obesity "epidemic" in America. the author devoted almost an entire chapter to bashing the Fat Acceptance groups such as NAAFA (National Assiociation for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance).
What do you think? Is "fat acceptance" a good thing? Or does it encourage people who are overweight to be even more unhealthy by blaming society for "hating" fat people?

I personally am torn on this. While I think it is good for people of all kinds to want equal treatment and to have self-acceptance, I just don't know if I agree that fat should be accepted as a way of life, when we all know the health risks. To me, in a way, it's like saying (don't kill me for this) "I have cancer/AIDS/or whatever, and I'm not going to treat it....go me!"

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Anyone know of any clear, easy to use gift websites which will deliver in the uk? I'm looking for 21st bithday presents for a male and a female and I'm really at a loss for inspiration!

Any suggestions gratefully recieved.....

Thanks x