July 21st, 2003

off birthcontrol...

hey... i have been taking birth control pills to regulate cramps, etc during my period, and last month, i stopped the pill just because, well, i did. anyway. that's not my question. heh. my question is this: since i've stopped, i haven't gotten my period again. now. it's common knowledge that the pill regulates periods, and i would assume that when you go off it, the periods may not be quite so regular, but i should have gotten mine about two weeks ago. should i be concerned? if i were using the pill for its intended purposes and i were sexually active and currently off the pill, this could mean i were pregnant, of course. since i'm not sexually active, that's not a possibility. so: is this troublesome?
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Gaining Control - X-Post

How do you all gain control (or gain some semblance of the appearance of control) in a life that is filled with bad-luck-of-the-draw events, ignorant people, and inescapable obligations?

In a related topic, how do you assuage your frustration with ignorant, intolerable people whose presence is inescapable?
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From a comment whore...

If someone on your friends list says that they've been commenting like crazy (I use the term "comment whore" myself) and you didn't get any comments do you feel left out?
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(no subject)

Say you had a very strict belief system. How would you go about instilling your beliefs/values in your children without preaching?
(I'm not talking about religious beliefs or morals, per say. More like how you think the world should be, social regulations. etc.)
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Well, my mom came up to me and asked me.. "On the TV, they told us that the cyclists has been biking for 95 miles.. well I was wondering, do they stop to go to the bathroom, or do they just go in their shorts?"

I thought this was interesting, too.. I hope someone can answer this.