July 20th, 2003

Car Trouble

My car, a 99 mustang, has been doing something peculiar on occasion since February. Recently, though, it has been getting more frequent, and tonight, a horrid smell was emanating from it while the Service Engine Soon light was blinking. What happens--and a lot of the time it seems to coincide with rain, but not always--is that the entire thing, the entire frame inside and out, shakes. The Service Engine light comes on, blinks for awhile, the shaking will die down, and then everything will be peachy for days, sometimes weeks. I am taking it to someone on Monday, but I wanted some input before I do that. Does anyone know what this could be?

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Have you ever gotten the urge to experience the pains of hunger and withhold food from yourself just to feel hungry because some spontaneous sadomasochistic desire surfaced within you and you suddenly find yourself enjoying the feeling (and I'm not talking anorexia, either)? Tell me I'm not alone..... o.o
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questions on "the sims"

Has anyone had any luck transferring "games," i.e. characters, houses, objects, etc, from one computer to another? My laptop hard drive has a bad sector right in the Sims game, but it's in the music section, so I think the other folders might be OK. Which folders (UserData? GameData? Anything else?) would I need to save off my laptop to transfer to my current computer? Can I just drop the files from my laptop into the files I install on this computer? Will everything run OK??
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Name of Song

I'm trying to figure out the name of a Coldplay song I heard on the radio. Problem is, the only lyrical line I can remember is something like "I may be part of the cure, but I wonder if I'm part of the disease" or...something like that. Any suggestions?
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a request for questions

What are some good open-ended questions for getting to know someone? (An open-ended question is something that cannot be answered with one word- the questions in this post are open-ended.) Let's say you have five minutes to get to know someone- what do you ask them?

(This actually has an applicable purpose, so any serious responses would be greatly appreciated!)
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got milk?

does anyone remember the "town without milk" commercials?

there were black and white images of life without milk. very dry cake and water on cornflakes and sad kittens and ice cream truck drivers...

ive been searching for the lyrics, and have been unable to find anyone that even knows what im talking about.
you guys are a special crowd though :) so thanks.
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If you go on a date with a girl and things go well.. when do you call her after the first date? the next day, a few days later, a week, weeks, months.. etc.

what is the 'general' answer, let's assume that you have a busy schedule also..