July 11th, 2003

am i the only one that does this?

when something bad happens.. i have a habit of going over and over it in my mind, even tho it makes me feel worse i still do it. Or if its something written thats bad.. like a letter to you or something.. you cant help but read it over and over again.. even tho it cuts every time..
just digging my hole deeper...
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Stargazer Lily


Anyone know where I can find O.P.I. (salon brand) nail polish for cheap?? i found a few sites that sell it for $5.50 a bottle at the cheapest.. i want something lower than that.. because it sells for $7 at the salon shop, and i wanna find it cheaper..

NEW BOTTLES not used..

any suggestions?

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Have you ever been really lonely and one small thing cheered you up? What was it?

I'm lonely right now becuase I've been away from home since May and I don't really have any friends where I am. Anyways, tonight I was looking into the sky and I saw the moon was really pretty, and then I wondered What if my friends are looking at the moon too, at the same time as me and that, for some reason, made me really... hopeful. ^__^
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