July 10th, 2003


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Have any of you ever tried the hair removal goo "Nad's"???

I saw it in the store and after watching the infomercial like 28943758934 times, I contemplated buying it since tv told me that I'd never see it in stores. However, I just wanted to know... did it work for any of you???
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does anyone know of a good website for Japanese images/tattoos and their English meanings? specifically, one would provide an image of the Kanji, the word it symbolized (ie, kuroi) and a translation (black).

i was using Dom's Kanji Tattoo Archive (http://www.kanjitattoos.com), but it seems to be gone now and i can't find a good replacement.
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What're some things you can do / bring on a camping trip to prepare for or help alleviate the annoyance of rain? Thanks :)
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haven't told my boyfriend that I'm going on vacation

here's the background:

I'm going on vacation to Ireland with my mom for 29 days (July 15th to August 12th). We leave in 5 days. And I haven't told my boyfriend yet. I'm going away to start college on August 31st, and he'll still be here, 'cause he's going to be a high school senior. I didn’t really know how to tell him I was going to be out of the country for 29 days out of the summer, because I feel really bad about next year, because he tells me how much he’s gonna miss me and how lonely he’s gonna be when I’m away at college. But now I don't really know how to tell him, because I don't want him to be mad at me for waiting so long to tell him.

here's the question:

Anyone have any suggestions of what I should tell him? And what I should tell him about why I waited so long to tell him?

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traffic lights and computers

What kind of traffic light signals does your town have? In downtown Kansas City, I saw tiny vertical street-corner traffic lights. In other areas of Kansas and Nebraska, I saw full-sized overhead horizontal traffic signals. In Tucson, we have full-sized overhead lights that are vertical.

Is your left turn signal a leading turn signal, or do you legally turn left after all the through traffic you're with? In the Great Plains, the turn signals seem to be mainly leading, but here, we turn after the other traffic on our side is through the intersection.

I don't know where my copy of Win98 SE is, and my computer's performance is just getting worse and worse. My laptop is a Pentium 3, 650mhz with 128mb of RAM and 5.44GB total of usable hard drive space. I've been told that I could install XP, but it wouldn't run very well. Windows 98 seems like it's pretty expensive to buy on eBay and Half.com - any ideas as to what I should do? Buck up and buy another copy, or try XP?
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now i dont mind going out on dates and having guys pay for me...no problem, but this guy that i am dating and i would just about be my boyfriend we had a short discussion. I was kind of complaining that after this summer i will be running really low on cash and he is all like well i'll take care of you and when you are my girlfriend (and we discussed us actually going out seriously before so that part didnt offend me..we always joke like that)i'll take you out, buy you things and give you money. right away my reaction was thank you but i will not accept money from you...its like if you care for me and want to spend money on me ok, but the actual fact of handing me hard cold cash..i just feel cheap and bought. then he said well you better accept my money because if i want to give my girlfriend money to spend she better take it...and i was really offended by this and he doesnt understand why....would anyone else be offened? if so how can i explain it to him how i feel?
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For those of you that have heard of Maddox, from http://maddox.xmission.com, I ask:

What do you think of him? Funny, entertaining webmaster who delivers devastatingly cruel insults with acid wit, or a spineless and sad whiner who gets off on putting down anything and everything behind the safety of the internet?

My opinion: This guy is hilarious... he pwns the internet.
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