July 8th, 2003

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D@mn Kids!!!!

1. Is it just me or is the TV American Idol "Juniors" merely a thinly veiled version of kiddy porn. I have seen only snippets of this show while channel surfing but what nanoseconds I have seen of little Kyle and Madisyn shakin' their 5-year old groove thangs has made me feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Opinions???

2. What EXACTLY are public heath rules about diaper-butted children in public pools, fox_kun and I went swimming at the outdoor swimming pool at our local health club (the pool is 1/2 size of an olympic) there were perhaps 20 adults and potty trained age children, but, to our horror there were 30 babies either swimming in their pampers or obviously had nappies on under bathing suits. Truly, it was like swimming in a giant toilet bowel. I really hope chlorine can kill all the baby feces germs. What up wit' the diaperbutt swimming!!!!!?
Cheers, Nemo

Gays in the military...

How do you feel about gays in the military? Do you think they should be discharged for being gay and do you think that the government should actively seek out gays to remove them from service?
Also, do you think that it will ever be acceptable for a gay man or woman to serve in the armed forces? If yes do you think it will come in our life time?
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Type I Diabetes

Can anyone recommend some good websites about Type I diabetes - specifically, what to do in case of an emergency if someone goes into insulin shock and what other important facts I might need to know? Thank you in advance!!!
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You know what I realized? I was thinking back on phrases that I haven't really heard in a long time, like "the pot calling the kettle black", or "oooh, you no good cotton pickin'..."

And I was amazed at how racist those are! I never realized it as a kid, but now when I think about it, I'm like, I can't believe they said "cotton pickin'" in all the cartoons I used to watch. Wow. And the kettle being black thing, if you've never heard of that phrase, thats when somebody says some kind of hypocritical thing or an insult that could apply to them and so you would say "Oh, the pot calling the kettle black." Cuz they're both black. And that's supposed to be an insult I suppose. No, that's hella racist. And I'm just now seeing that lol [shaking head].

What other little things like that am I missing here, that we've been teaching our kids? (racial/homophobic/sexist/etc)
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What is the grossest thing that you've ever seen anyone do in public?

This question came to me today as I sat in lecture and watched the girl in front of me pick the skin off her knee and make a neat little pile on her desk.
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Hmmm... I now have horizontal white lines appearing on the top of my monitor. There were just 2 or 3 a few days ago but now there are at least 8. I took out my video card and re-inserted it but that didn't fix it.

Anyone have any ideas? Time to get a new monitor? :(

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Elmer's Glue - paint on your face, allow it to dry, peel off and see the dead skin and blackheads if any.

Should I believe this or should I run off screaming? Because I really want to get rid of the blackheads.