July 7th, 2003


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Okay, so say you're moving - quite a distance - and you get a Uhaul to move your stuff. So what happens. Say you're moving from Ohio to California or something. Would you rent it in Ohio and then it's fine to just take it to a Uhaul place in Cali and give it back there? Do they just assume that eventually they'll have someone wanting to take it to Ohio?
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Microsoft Access Questions

How do you save a table into your documents (instead of in the list of table types) ?
How do you get the text in the rows in alphabetical order without copping, pasting and then erasing the original copy for every single one?

I swear, I have never had so much trouble with this in the past >:o(
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Thinking ahead?

If you were going to ask someone to tell them something about themselves that they had never told anyone, would you already have something thought up just in case they asked the same thing?
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what concert(s) have you been to so far this year?

what concert(s) do you plan on attending/want to attend?

and if could be a groupie or a roadie for any singer/band, which one would it be and why?

**I am going to 92.3Krock's DFP (Dyfunctional Family Picnic) tomorrow!!!! metallica, linkin park, limp biskit, deftones... its gonna be sick!!! i plan on attending the dave matthews band in aug and as many times possible this year (last year i saw them 4 or 5 times throughout the year)

if i could be a roadie to any one band it would be dave matthews because they are my all time favorite and i love their music and the band - i would never get tired of hearing their music or of hanging out with them!!
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My friend, who is too lazy too look for himself, wants an expression that gives him the monkey smilies that IM Chaos has, but so he just has to click his smilie menu and there are his monkey smilies. Does anyone know where I can find a monkey expression for AIM?
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Anyone ever get and "unknown code 17" when trying to connect to aim? I cant connect, and thats what it's saying.

Do you know what that means? And if not do you know wher I can find out what it means and fix it?
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Which do you think is worse when giving a late birthday gift: to lie and say that you were too "busy" to send it even though it's fairly obvious that you forgot or to admit that you forgot it and apologize?

icky sticky

how do i get rid of moths?

its not that they are eating my clothes or anything but i keep finding them in my bedroom. i don't like any sort of insect and would much rather use something to repell them and have them never come around. i don't want to just kill them, killing them leaves a mess and it takes so much time and energy that i don't have. i'm looking for something that can make it so i won't have to deal with them at all.

please please help
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Do u guys have any songs where u absolutely love one part of it and the rest isn't quite as great? Like, if it had kept at that caliber it would've been, like, the song of all songs? For me, the first 1:10 of "Love's Holiday" by Earth, Wind & Fire is fantastic -- hella beautiful piece of music. But then after that I'm like "hmm... good."
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