July 6th, 2003


our fault?

my mum is a manicurist, and today she had a customer coming back with her hands puffy cuz she's allergic to the chemical in the nail polish. she demanded for her money back and saying that my mum shud've told her that the chemical would do that to her hand. i didn't want to fight her, so i encouraged my mum to give her the money back. my mum barely opened the salon for almost a month, and i was the afraid the girl would go for a law suit. my question is, was it our fault? did we have to give her the money back?
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Big project:

I'm putting together a list of movies and TV shows that involve broadcasting, journalism, the media, newspaper journalism and the like as the main or at least a prevalent theme. I'd like to see them all.

So far I have The Ring, Ringu, Videodrome, Broadcast News, Network, UHF as movies that are out, and Veronica Guerin and Shattered Glass as movies that are coming out. Anyone have additions to the list?

Any help is appreciated.

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what are some signs of ringworm?

i have a pet mouse that has a bad case of it, so twice daily i have to put on rubber gloves, catch him and smear athlete's foot cream on him. every now and then he'll crawl up my arm before i catch him again.
now, when i'm done i always wash my hands (and arms) thoroughly with soap and water.

but i'm seeing odd, random little bumps on my arms. could it be?


so i am going to be taking a hiking/pilgrimage this summer. its about 100 mile walk that we are going to do in about a week. now i know i have to get a pair of hiking boots but i never bought a pair before is there anything you have to look for other than comfort? also, any suggestions about what i should bring that i wouldnt usually think of would be appreciated too
thanx :)
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Eye color help

I'm writing some fan fiction and I have an original character. I've been trying to make very sure that she isn't too much like me, so as to avoid that whole "Mary Sue" category. I gave her red hair (which is what my hair color normally is, but it isn't my natural color and isn't what it is right now. It's just my favorite hair color period) but I'm stuck on the eyes. Votes?

Hazel eyes (even though that's what I have)
Blue eyes

I don't want green or brown.

((I basically posted this same thing in my journal so for those few of you who are on both I'm sorry.))
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I've talked to other Indian girls who have gotten their hair treated with henna; apparently it's a really good conditioner. What exactly is the process? And what does it do for your hair? Are there any Indian girls here who have gotten this done?
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If you had a big bedroom, with two big windows, and the carpet was a forest green colour
What colour would you paint the bedroom?
Grrrrrr......dark? light?
We have to paint in two weeks, any suggestions???
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How do you do a backflip?

I really want to teach myself how to do a back flip, but I don't know how to go about it without seriously injuring myself. How do you learn how? Gymnastic classes aren't in my budget right now, I'm just going to be teaching myself.

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I live in Germany, but I'll be going to the US for college in two months. I haven't got much of a clue about college life (very different from Germany anyway) and I was wondering:

1. Is there anything I should bring that might not be obvious (that's maybe needed for dorm life or so) ?

2. Is there anything to watch out for, anything that's different and I might not be used to that's also not obvious?

I just want to be prepared. I knw the basic things, but I've learned that I'll always be in for a number of unpleasant surprises. What i'm looking for is the small things that I'm completely unprepared for. I know this is a weird question, and I'd be very grateful if someone could help. Thanks!
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The eternal question (and proof I've been watching way to many of those teen romantic movies):

Your mom and your boyfriend's dad have gotten a little too close and decide to get married. What do you do?
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