July 2nd, 2003

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"Hun, I've been thru alot..and you know that... the only way you can "fight" these problems is facing it to a point where you can feel in breathe down your neck. You look at them, and you spit in their faces. Problems are only problems if you let them be that way. If your friend and youe "love" are mistreating you, you tell them in their face, in the loudest voice you have, "YOU ARE BEING A FUCKER!" You need these people to be there for you, and yet they brush you off... If that is not emotional cruelty, I don't know what is. Don't surround yourself with people who don't give a damn. Be fucking selfish if it means you can live the days ahead of you without feelin inadequate, without living in the dark. People WILL ALWAYS JUDGE YOU, it is YOUR JOB to make sure one of those people isn't YOU. You only have yourself, and you have to look our for yourself. You lose that, and you're a nobody."

Is that good or bad advice?


anyone fans of the new york band called ida? i am falling in love with their music all over again. ::melts::
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Hi, I'm a newbie.. Anyways, does anyone have complaints about their color of their armpits? Mine is really dark compared to my skin. Is there a way that I can make it whiter? and another thing is that I heard that some of the deodorants can make it darker like baby powder ones... is it true?
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i have two unrelated questions.

how exactly do you pronouce the last name kerouac, as in the author jack kerouac?

what can i use to get rid of black-heads? i know there are a lot of products out there to prevent black-heads but how did i get rid of the ones i already have? do pore strips work?

school... ugh

ok... i'm out of school (finally!) after 3 years of studying engineering i end up with a degree in philosophy... go figure... so now my question is... (the military requires an advanced degree for promotion, not that i'm even sure if i'm going to stay in the air force long enough to be promoted that far!!! *but that's a whole different story!!!*)
ok, to the real dilemma...

1. go back, finish the engineering degree... move on with a master's in engineering (dear lord i'm asking for pain!!!)
2. law school (sounds good, but how difficult is it, really?)
3. get a master's of some other flavor (philosophy again, just to get through with it?)

or...??? anybody got any advice or opinions? anyone been through the law school program and have any input? that's really what i'm most interested in, but i don't have a very solid idea of what law school really entails... or what you can do with it (besides being a lawyer, which DOESN'T interest me... i just really like legal/ethical/moral/judicial type knowledge)

many thanks!
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Computer Types Please Read: I'm looking to buy a CD burner. I have to make a slideshow (PowerPoint, most likely) that includes a hundred or so photos and I'm going to need to burn it to CD if I want it to be a reality. I found this one that's on sale by a LOT right now and would end up costing me $50 CND. Anyway, if you know anything at all about CD burners, will you check this link out and let me know if this one sounds like it will do what I want it to, sufficiently? (It will also be used to burn MP3s) Here's the link.
Oh, the sale ends tomorrow, so this is a matter of some urgency.

Thank you so much in advance!