July 1st, 2003


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Can anyone find me a site with an image of a modern mullet?
I saw a girl in a bar ages ago with a really cool modern mullet and I want something similar - anyone any ideas where I can find a picture of one??

Why must I be a teenager in shackles?

I'm really in need of some good advice here. Lemme give you the background info:

I'm 17 years old, I'm going to be in my senior year of high school next year.

There is a convention I would like to go to this summer with a friend. Unfortunately, the convention is in Baltimore, and that very weekend my family will be visiting family in New York.

My friend can give me a ride to the convention, and I can most likely take a bus or train to New York.

My parents are not happy with this idea. They don't like the idea of letting me travel alone. They are even more uneasy about letting me go to to this convention "unescorted."

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So my question is this: How can I convince my parents to let me go on this trip? How can I show them that I'll be responsible and that I'll be safe?

For some reason, this has become very important to me. I'll really appreciate your responses.
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the death of my control



Who here picks their nose?
Don't be ashamed. I pick my nose, suck my thumb, and sleep with a blankie. Bad habits die hard.
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What is the title of that famous love song with the violins that they always play humorously during love scenes in cartoons and wotnot? It also gets speakertime whenever two Sims kiss each other in The Sims. I can never find the title of it.