June 30th, 2003


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Deep thought...
Why is it that when Dr. Banner turns into the Incredible Hulk, no matter if it's the latest movie or even the old TV show with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno, that when he "Hulks out" he doesn't lose his pants. You'd think that his expanding ass would rip those pants right off, no?

I mean, consider the old show with Bill in those tight jeans (don't get me started on that, meep). You'd think that when he'd hit Lou's size those tight pants wouldn't fit very well. Maybe that contributed to the Hulk's crankiness.

Especially with the movie too, Hulk getting even bigger. Does Dr. Banner where some kind of special stretchy clown pants?

As sis and I were driving to pick Sam up after the therapist session I was wondering out loud.

This kooky thought brought to you by Insanity Flakes™, part of a nutricious breakfast.
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(no subject)

do those "spray and wipe the hair away" products work? - the ones to use instead of shaving or waxing, etc.

EDIT: What would you reccomend as a good, painless way to get rid of hair, other than shaving?
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Does anyone else get that itch in their legs when doing the dishes too? It's uncanny. I do the dishes, and after a few min the back of my legs just need to be scratched. What is it, restlessness from standing too long? Not wanting to do the dishes? Lol, I'm a freak =(

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Do any of you have a song that makes you totally happy?

Mine is Semi Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind. It's so much fun to sing, I absolutely love it ^__^
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Under where?

I know someone has already asked if the girls wear matching panties and bras, but does anyone else match their undies to their clothing?
I always match mine to my shirt, and I didn't even realize I was doing it until I started looking for it.
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random//my dumb face

My freakin' nose

At some point I apparently scratched the inside of my nose. It's right near the front so I guess I did it without thinking or something. Anyway, it keep scabbing up and I know it needs to do that to heal but it is SO damn painful and annoying. First off, I have bad allergies, so the scab breaks every time I blow my nose, and I keep end up messing with it without thinking (which is just great, b/c it looks like I'm picking my nose). I can't go a day without one of these two happening and it's NEVER going to heal.

So my questions are: Has this happened to anyone here, and if so do you have any tips for dealing? My boyfriend's dad wanted me to put Noxema on it but that idea scares me.
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