June 28th, 2003

Dread or Excitement?

In 6 months, something HUGE is going to happen.

It could either be the best thing that you've ever done... or the biggest mistake you've ever made.

Do you dread it, or are you excited?
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What would you do if you were in love with someone else, they were in love with you too, but neither of you could tell anyone? The reason being of past mistakes and the reprecussions you both would have to face for eternity. How would you go about it?
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How friendly can someone be before it gets scary??

I've joined a site for locals a few days ago, after my introduction I had two people ask me to go to a meet-up, almost beg me to go. Then on another thread on the forums today someone asked me to go for a walk with them after I mentioned I used to go walking from time to time.
I don't plan to go to the meet-ups, too far away, although they are reasonably safe, and I certainly don't plan on going for that walk. I'm sure it was innocent enough, sort of creeped me out that on such a small forum I had three people in two days ask to meet-up with me.
Online I suppose it is hard to tell what is meant by certain things and I suppose that people are very cautious of people online - and so they should be - but there are people who are genuinely friendly - should you be creeped out by people being nice, or just accept it as them being nice to you?

Where would you draw the line between someone just being friendly or being creepy?
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Stupid Mistake

About a month ago.. i started talking to this guy on line (met in an aol chatroom) decided to go out to eat with him on a monday.. things went fine.. wednesday i am on the phone with him and he's in a bind and needs money.. with much hesitation i gave in.. i figured he's good for the money because he's a car salesman and makes a decent wage.. well, this is in the amount of $560.00

i insisted on him signing a letter stating that i loaned him the cash.. but he refused to sign it.. (he seemed too proud) so he just said 'forget it, i'll find it from someone else' and me feeling bad.. i let him borrow it anyhow...

well.. i've been able to get a hold of him at work a few times.. but i still have not been paid back..

is there anything i can do without having the proof?? (he's been in trouble with the law before..)

please don't say 'you're stupid and it was a mistake' I learned that already.. i was just being a nice person..
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We have decided that we want a pet skunk :) When my dad was a little boy, he went out to the fields and found a skunk, and kept it as a pet. I have been researching skunks for a long time, and finally decided that we have to have one. So far the biggest challenge is actually finding one. Does anybody have any clue as to where I can get one?
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