June 27th, 2003

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I have an account at Quizilla, so I have a place to make free quizzes. My question is, is there a place where I can make quizzes that return an image and text depending on how many questions the quiz taker got right? As far as I know, you can only link an image for each choice in a quiz so I can't make the type of quiz I would like. Thank you in advance.
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Community promo

How can I promote a community if community promo isn't "live" anymore? Apparently the person running it would like to give up ownership, doesn't have the time. I tried to post, but it said the queue is full.
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Hi I'm new. I have been watching this community for a while. And I love it!

I have a question for the other ladies (or guys too if u know the answer) out there:
Is it normal to skip a period, that time during the month, every so often?
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What do you think about file sharing web sites?
I'm sure this has been asked many times b4. But just been reading the RIAA did manage to get the names of file share users from the ISP service provider.
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Two questions:

1. The skin around my ring finger is kind of red and flaky. My wedding ring is platinum and I've been wearing it for nine months without a problem, so I don't think it's an allergic reaction to the metal -- it must be from soap or something. What should I do?

2. What does "modest" mean to you? Do you consider yourself a modest person? Why or why not?
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psychology and some more :)

For those of you who have had psychology/studies it/whatever...out of my purest curiosity, which view on psychology would you agree with the MOST: behaviorism or cognitive theories? Also - who we are - would you say it is a result of nature or nurture? I, as most people, think that both are involved, of course. But which is more prominent? Hmmm??? Any outrageous psychology crazed people - what do ya think?
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listen to "paper bag" by fiona apple. is this not a good song? hehehe...i know someone'll say it's bad, but it okay. i just really like it right now. ::sigh::
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