June 26th, 2003


*i'm just curious*

where do you live?

whats minimum wage where you live?

does it vary depending on your age (ie. students) and other factors (ie. do waitress's get paid less because they make tips?)

*some other questions for fun*

whats your political stance? why?

do you really think that there is a difference between democrats and republicans?

do you like sparkles?

whats your favourite memory from when you were a child?

what do you like to do on rainy days?

do you belive in ghosts?

do you believe in an afterlife?

whats your best quality?

your worst?

do you ever annoy yourself?

when did you have your first boyfriend/girlfriend?

favourite materialistic possession?

most listened to cd in your collection?

have you ever stalked someone?

anyone ever stalked you?

do you like rainbows?

were you getting sick of my random long list of questions?

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jill shadow

For dial-up users.....

I'm sure this has been asked before......

Who's your ISP? Are you happy with them? How much are they a month?

Right now I'm with AOL, and I feel like I'm getting ripped off at 24 dollars a month. When I signed up, I thought it was 9.95, but that was only for the first month. So now I'm looking for something cheaper.
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(no subject)

Hey, question here :)

When were you most disappointed by a friend?

My Answer: I listened to a friend for countless hours about all her problems in life, for years. She called me all hours of the night, I even went over her house when she was really upset...and the one time I turned to her for help, she couldn't even listen for a minute. So, I called her that evening thinking she was truly busy when I first approached her, same thing.
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big brother is watching.. or something


Okay, so a lot of my friends are way into anime & the whole J-pop scene. I like what I've heard of J-pop, but I haven't heard much.

So I'm wondering what would be some cool J-pop songs to download -- any suggestions?
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deep sorrow

(no subject)

Where would the best place be to find out about all the 'issues' that are going to be voted on, as well as what teh candidates for various positions claim to plan to do, with the least propaganda? would it be at the various parties web sites? cnn.com? I would like to try and make at least an attempt at making an informed decision about all the stuff I'm gonna vote for. I turned 18 last months, so I've got no idea where to go to get info. And would it be piculiar to go in with a slip of paper saying what/who I'm going to vote for, so that I don't have to worry about forgetting what something meant and saying no to something I want or yes to something I don't want. I think that's all.

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*sigh* here I am again.

lets say you've had plans with someone for a few days, and each time you thought you were going to be able to spend time with this person, who happens to be your girlfriend or boyfriend, they either decide they'd rather go to a friends house or can't do anything and each day it makes you feel more disappointed because you really thought that she or he was going to at least try to make some time for you... and this isnt the first times its happened either.. what would you do/feel?
me: in glasses

grammar lessons

I'm trying to find a good, free email service that sends you regular grammar tips. I tried www.dailygrammar.com, but the lessons they give are more theory (ie, how to recognize an intransitive verb) and I want more practical applications (the difference between less and fewer, etc). Anyone know of any good ones?
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(no subject)

Would you ever be a stripper? Why or why not? If you would, why haven't you done it? How much would you have to get paid in order to do stripping? (Not that I plan on it. I was just curious.)

please help us

i have a rather large dilemma...
my girlfriend and i have been dating for over 6 months now. she's catholic and i'm an atheist. she is and has been very much bothered by the fact not that i don't follow a religion, but that i don't believe in god. it is something that's seriously hurting us despite the fact that we truly love each other. she doesn't expect for me to change since she respects my beliefs as i respect hers. what should/can we do? please help us...we've been searching for an answer and keep coming up with nothing.

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I just snagged job applications from 3 different places around town. Should I fill them out in pencil or pen? Cursive or printing (my handwriting is terrible either way)? Anything else I should keep in mind while filling these out?

I wish they tought this stuff in school..
Stargazer Lily


How long have we been saying the economy is bad?? at least since 9/11 it seems.. and is it REALLY THAT BAD??? in terms of finding a job...

and it seems that the gas price has stayed pretty steady in my area (michigan) it usually shoots up to about 1.75 and higher in the summer time.. any explanation??