June 25th, 2003



What is your outlet? When do you use it? And in a related question, when you experience which emotion do you feel prone to using your outlet?

Personally, I have several different ones. When I'm enraged, I write. When I'm ecstatic, I sing. When I'm depressed, I cry and muse on life.
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What the hell do you think?

I honestly don't mean to make all my questions racially charged or anything, but I'm genuinely curious.
What do you think of when you think of black people? What images come to mind? What assumptions, if any, do you make (regarding intellect, interests, clothing style, family, class, income, thought processes, desires,abilities, etc.)
I'm really curious. Please don't be afraid to be honest. I don't care how stereotypical or racist anything sounds--it's nothing I haven't heard before. Check your political correctness at the door.

Often, when I'm out and about, or at school, I wonder what people think when they see me--if they take my race into account when we interact, or if they even care. I guess I'm having a sort of racial identity crisis (moving past the black/asian label and going for multiracial...or transcending race altogether) and I'm just wondering what people think.

Be honest. Be brutal, even. I don't even care if the n-word comes up--i've heard it all before, even "if you white, you alright; If you black, get back!"

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god's image

(no subject)

How come a girl can be good enough for a guy to be friends w/ her and good enough for a guy to sleep with her and share his deepest, darkest secrets w/ her...yet she isn't good enough to date?
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Monkey From mOnkEy

The big question. Is their a God?

My own personal beliefs I do not believe in God. That's only CUs of personal thoughts and questions. If you want to get in to it just ask me. But I am highly interested to find out others points of vies on that question. So the question is. Do you believe in God? And is their a reason why or why not? Again I am not one to start controversy. And I will never be one to tell another human that their is no God. I am just interested to find out another's beliefs.
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Monkey From mOnkEy

Cleb death match!!!!

I was having a fun time reading the answers to the question Tori Amos vs, Jewl who owuld kick whos ass? I noticed that most people went for Tori. Well hear is one that I know half of the world would love to actuly see.

Sammy Hagar vs, David Lee Roth. Who would win that match herd around the world?
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Stargazer Lily


would a Male metermaid still be called a metermaid?

kind of like that whole 'mail man' thing but instead, we would call a female a mail carrier or something...

also, STRANGEST PLACE YOU'VE HAD SEX... answer that one.. and no stupid answers like "in a bed"
mmm...cowboys // xdark_secretsx

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okies, just a few questions...

1. I got contacts this year, they're daily disposables. Is it okay for me to wear them in the pool? I did today anyways, and they seemed to be fine...

2. Do crane flies bite?

3. Do you have a specific brand of nail polish you buy? Why do you buy it? (price, how long it lasts, etc.)

Religion Classes

Inspired by crowgarrett's religion question...

My grandfather, his entire life, has ranted about a Bible class that he took in college years and years ago. He talked about that class for hours on end it seemed... so much so that I started ignoring him.

All my life, he's been trying to convince me to take a Bible class in college.

I am not religious, but I am curious about religions, and open-minded, so that's not a problem for me.

I'm curious, has anyone ever taken one of these classes?

And if you did... Did you like it? What was the focus of the material? Was it a difficult class? What'd you learn in it? DID YOU PASS?! *giggles* Did you spend hours decifering the gibberish that IS the Bible? Can you read it and understand it now?

I'm starting college in a few months, and I'm wondering if I should look into taking a class like this.
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