June 22nd, 2003

mickey and minnie in heart

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What do you suppose it feels like to be born? Obviously we've all gone through the experience, but i can't find a single soul that recalls it. let's say that you have the mental capacities you have now, but without the life experiences. what would go through your mind? what would it physically be like? the wet blood and all the other, well, bodily stuffs surrounding you. do you suppose that it is the dry, cold air that makes babies cry, or is the whole process a horrifying one for them??
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Monkey From mOnkEy

Another Comic Book Question

If alot of you read my last post you can figure out im a big Marvel comics fan. Stan Lee has to be the god of comic creating. But i must say he did a crapy job when he did his version of Bat Man. BUt in your opinion. What Comic Book label is beter Marvel Or DC? And why?
I don't get it

Help Please

On my *favorites* window that is at the left of my screen,
there is an "empty slot" that is at the bottom. There is nothing there, but it is taking up a space. It wasn't always there.

When I go to *organize* on favorites, I can add and delete, and this empty slot remains unaffected. It's just there.

Is anyone familiar with this?
Do you know how to get rid of it?
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taken by aaron

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hey just wanted to say hi, i'm new to the club.

always feel free to add me as a friend. i love to comment and receive comments.

my question is: What is your strongest emotion?

my answer: at times, the feelings of inadequancy
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i'm 17. i'm going to be a senior this upcoming school year. should i get a job? besides the money, what are the merits of holding a job esp in terms of college applications? i can't understand it. is it better to volunteer or have a job?