June 21st, 2003

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does anyone know where to get a orange crush tshirt or have one?
like the old kind?
and don't say ebay unless you know of a auction with it on there
the only place I found one wanted 50$!!!
so please help me
so I won't be a stylin' hobo
thanx again
sorry for x-posting

Pot - Again

Okay. Thanks everyone before for your help. Now. Here’s my next question. Many people tell me that pot is okay...they give me long lists of reasons and facts, pros, cons, whatever...yeah. Anyway. Wonderful, great information, right? But then they go and say that well, pot is this and that but it "isn't for everyone." My question is: how do you know it's for you?
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Monkey From mOnkEy

Comic Question.

Theirs all thies comic book movies being made. IN recent years their all Marvel comic. But I was wondering. What is your favorite comic book hero? It ca be Marvel, DC, or n e thing. But who is your favorite hero and why?
violet maple

Inspired by "Hulk" last night

In one of the scenes, Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno walk through. This is amusing because Stan Lee is essentially the god of Marvel Comics (the company that created the Incredible Hulk), and Lou Ferrigno donned the green bodypaint in playing the Hulk in the TV show back in the 70s. (Bill Bixby, who played Bruce Banner, is since deceased, otherwise I'd imagine they would've found a way to get him a cameo too.)

So, the question:

What's your favorite cameo by way of in-joke, akin to the example I cited above?

I've been thinking about it since I got to work today but it's hard to pick a favorite.


if you're in college now, what university do you go to?
if you graduated college, what university did you go to?
if you're a senior that graduated high school, what university are you going to?


where's a good place to search for an internship in computer programming and/or web design? i'd like to find one that i can get to within the state of NJ. thanks in advance ^_^