June 20th, 2003

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X-Men (not the movie)

A question for X-Men fans and no it isn't revolving around the movie.

I know that some characters have at least aproximate ages, but does Nightcrawler have one?

Oh, and just because I'm a dork, I just got a kitten and named him Gambit. He doesn't throw cards (everyone makes jokes about that) but he's loud, an attention whore, perverted (stuck his paw right down my bra the other day) and quite acrobatic. ^_^
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[ADMIN] New co-moderator

Well, due to the recent influx of new members... we now have over 500 members, shippo and I decided a third moderator was needed. While the community is still manageable, we want to keep it this way. There are many posts each day and along with this, we get many comments as well.... so...

Everyone welcome silvermask to the Admin family of thequestionclub. He has full moderator rights... which include deleting posts and banning members who cause problems as is necessary. You can also go to him as well as shippo or I with questions about community rules or suggestions.

And my question is....

How would you feel as members at having a community chat on AIM sometime? Someone made this suggestion to me once, and I thought it was a good idea, but never had the chance to follow up on it. And if you are interested, what day of the week/time do you think would be best? I know it will be hard to get everyone due to the fact that the members are from all over the world, but I'm just curious. Thanks! XD
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(no subject)

What do you think it would be like to be of a different race? Would your life be easier or harder? Do you think you'd enjoy your life more?
If someone offered you a million dollars to switch to another race, would you do it?
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...er...drug affects...

hi. new to this place. but i have a question [obviously.] i am so confused about pot. yeah. marijuana. i don't know the real affects of it. it's so controversial. know some people who use it. and i wonder about it. what are the real affects of it...like...how bad is it - for your health, i mean. how bad? does anyone know any valid resources to get info on it from? i'm really confused - it seems like when i ask i either get one extreme or the other - either the whole just say NO crap that is completely a fallacy in itself just to scare people, and then there are the people who say "ehh...pot's okay for ya" without giving me any real...reasons. help would be nice. thanks!!
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(no subject)

*just a note: i asked a question awhile back wether i should go to camp or get a job this summer, and i followed the consensus and i go to camp a week from today!!!! i'm so excited!

what is your least favourite type of work?

mine's manual labor outside (construction and yardwork)

advice more than anything

lets say you have two friends who you just introduced to each other...one day they hang out and kiss...doesnt bother me at all....actually happy for them...but they dont want to go out....today we were all hanging out in my basement, the 3 of us, now i live in a two family house and we share the basement,its really not private and anyone can walk down at any time. i ended up getting up to go upstairs and when i came back and they were hugging and cuddling on the couch...is it too far to say that they were somewhat disrespecting my house? or maybe i am jealous?