June 18th, 2003

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On leaving the nest.

I'm looking at moving into my own apartment later this year; I'm leaving the nest, so to speak. So I've got some questions in regards to that.

1.) For those of you who have your own place, when did you move out? How did you let your parents know you were ready to get out there on your own? Do you have any advice for me?
2.) If you moved out of state, why? Are you glad you did, or do you wish you'd stayed close to home?
3.) Does anyone know of any helpful sites or forums for 20-somethings heading out on their own? I'd like to pick up some survival know-how and possibly meet people my age who're going through the same thing.

Thanks so much!!
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books books books

I know there've been entries on this.. but b/c of work, I haven't been on the internet in the past 14 days or so, so I'm sorry if this is repetition. :-O

do you have any good books to recommend? I'm going to the bookstore later today, but I don't know what to check out.

On the hunt

I need to add some new communities - good ones, cool ones, interesting ones, whatever. My interests are wide and varied. So any suggestions will be much appreciated. :) Thank you in advance!
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Loveless - Ritsuka and Soubi (Kiss me)

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I was wondering, what are some traditional meals/drinks/traditions of Austria? I'm doing a research for a project and was very curious but I can't seem to find books about it.
Another question, do you find other cultures meals/tradtions etc. fascinating? why or why not? which culture draws your attention?
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computer science question

this is a question for all you programmers and/or computer science majors out there:
i've just recently declared my major as computer science. i start with com sci I in the fall. is it worth it to take intro to visual basic? i don't know any visual basic, so is it worth learning? what's the language used for?


so i got myself a digital camera and i want to post some of the pics online so everyone can see..i just need to find a free website (since i am broke) i could use for that..i tried yahoo pictures all seemed fine until i uploaded pics and for some reason they wouldnt show up in my account..i dont know if it takes a while for them to show up, but from the frustration of not knowing whats going on and the help section not helping me at all i am not liking yahoo