June 17th, 2003

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not really much of a question
more of a really delayed answer
some one asked about finding a certain font?

You can go here http://www.identifont.com
it's a font finding site that asks you a series of questions and comes up with a list of fonts that are most likely what you're looking for!

hehe sorry!

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Might be a dumb one...

But what does the word "meme" mean when referring to LJ?

I just can't seem to get down with the lingo, yo.

And finally, an unrelated question - does anyone else know who Spalding Gray is and if so, do you like him?

Thanks in advance.
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Americans supposedly have freedom of speech under the first amendment, yes?
Is there an argument against this - i.e. that you DON'T actually have freedom of speech? [Hopefuly someone will know what I'm on about]

eww bugs!

I'm drinking a glass of wine right now. And I just noticed a tiny bug floating in it.

Should I dump the wine or just fish it out and forget about it??