June 15th, 2003


What would be a good breed of dog to get for someone who lives alone in a one-bedroom apartment?
I know it varies from dog to dog, but what breeds tend to be pretty calm?

(And don't say "get a cat", because mild allergies are a factor.)
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Stargazer Lily


Does anyone know the general difference between the tempermant of male dogs and females???

which do you think would be more cuddely or whatever to own??

i've had 2 male dogs in my life. One currently being a one year old Yellow Lab. But my friends who have female dogs, the girl dogs don't lick/kiss really and they seem sweeter.. ??
get fuzzy! [crystal_blitz]

(no subject)

Whats the term for a woman who helps another woman through birth? Not birthing coach. They usually only used these in the "old days" like 1800s or whenever. I think Brandy had one for her baby's birth.
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Lots of Questions...

Should I get contacts?

Are they really so difficult to put in? Will I poke my eye out? What's the better choice - hard or soft? How expensive are they anyway?
And the big one: I'd love to get colored ones. Do you have any experience with that and can give me advise?
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