June 13th, 2003


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I want an honest answer: Do you like the Spice Girls? Why or why not?

I think they're amazing, they're so fun, and they're one of the best things to come out of the 90's.
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    The Spice Girls - Stop
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a skill

If you could have one skill you don;t have now -of reasonable
constraints-{flying or shooting lasers from your eyes don't count}, what would it be, and why?

Mine would be to be able to speak and write in any language.
Because then I would be able to communicate with everyone and
anyone at anytime. A big barrier dropped, thus opening so many
windows for meeting new people, learning and other opportunities.
<3 Boston

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Whats a hooch? Is it like a hoochie-mama type deal? Hooch as is the song by Everything (so good!) that goes "Who got the hooch, baby? Who got the only sweetest thing in the world?". A friend thought it was an alcoholic beverage and another friend thought it was a slut. Anyone know for sure?