June 12th, 2003

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And yes, they made a latino an italian plumber...

I'm watching the Mario Brothers movie, and I have questions related to this...

1.) Am I, my sister, and my best friend the only people on earth who actually love this movie?

2.) Did anyone else see it when it came out in the theater?

3.) Did anyone else notice that they edited out Spike and Iggy's rap, so when they get carted off by the police in the Boom Boom Bar you never know why?

4.) Dude, Big Bertha is the chick from the pine sol commercials. She's neato. ^_^ (Not really a question, but I did ask three.)
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6 month anniversary

our 6 month anniversary for my girlfriend and i is coming up soon and i'm not sure what to get her. i'm staying at her house from tomorrow until tuesday and i'd appreciate any suggestions. no huge expensive things though cuz she'd kill me if i spent too much money on her i.e.- $40+ and i don't have that much money at the moment anyhow. please help me out here >_

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My hair is pretty diverse. It's wavy like a mofo when I just blowdry it, but when it's left to dry it curls up. However, I don't know what kinds of products to use in it so the curls actually look *nice* and non frizzy. Any ideas on how to maintain semi curly hair?
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I know this is kind a disturbing question, well, for some it might be disturbing. Anyway, are any of you scared of death? Of dying? Recently I've been going through this phase.. where I can't function all that properly because I'm scared of death, I can't stop thinking about it and it's just scary to me. I've never really thought about it.. but ever since my cousin's death its all I can think about. It kind of sucks.. I guess I'm not really scared of death itself, but I'm scared of going through the experience of it. I mean... just thinking about the pain, it just seems like it would take a whole lot of pain to die, yeah? Anyway.. I was just kind of wondering and in need of some inspiring words...... or something of the sort.
It's All Good

Admin-type thing:

ladygeekster and I have both agreed to add a new rule: Please do not ask others to buy things for you. It's more of a common-sense thing, be both believe that this needs to be clarified.

So, now that that's over, here's my question:
What web browser (and version) do you use?
I use Mozilla Firebird on both my Windows and Linux computers.
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