June 11th, 2003

  • poemi

Stain removal

I just bought this awesome white t-shirt and I got a tiny speck of coffee on it. When I tried to wash it out it ended up spreading around the shirt and made a big stain.

Any tips on getting it out? I tried bleach, but I'm afraid to soak it in bleach because it's rayon and spandex. (But is somehow feels like cotton)

Help me! I really love this shirt, and I can't get another one. :(
Red Skull head

(no subject)

The midwest is infected with Monkey Pox, and the culprit is an infected Giant Malaysian Rat that bit a prairie dog that some dumbass exotic pet seller then sold to some kid who got bit by the prairie dog. Isn't this the way the dude's mom became a zombie in Dead Alive??? Just checking. Cheers, Nemo

(no subject)

i was looking up information on what sugar does to the body, and i couldn't find anything but propaganda and unrelated stuff.....does anyone know of any good sites that are in-depth and accurate about the effects of sugar and possibly also a search engine where i may look in the future and not turn up hundreds of links to the same nothing...