June 8th, 2003

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I recieved several death threats on AIM today while I was out.

I know the threats are legitimate cause for concern because they're coming from friends of this girl I pissed off (it was a huge misunderstanding); however I don't know anything about them other than their screen names.

So, should I call the police?
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Okay, so one of my best friends is graduating from school. I wanted to put together a mixed CD to kind of celebrate/let her know that I'm thinking of her.. So basically, my question is, can anyone suggest some inspirational/peaceful/cool songs? Possibly songs about moving on and growing up.. stuff that makes you think.. or something that's just fun to chill to?

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Am I likely to burn?

Am I likely to burn more or tan do you think?

I'm 20 and have not had a sun tan or sun burn in my life.
I sort of want to get some colour this year to see what it is like - although I don't really like going out in the sun without being covered up, but I'm the only person who is still white and I mean REALY white.

I have pale skin (could be due to never getting in the sun), dark hair (a bit red) and freckles. There is Scottish blood on my mums side and she burns really easy, my dad was German and went black, very tanned.

Do you suppose it's more likely that I will burn or tan?
I'll be going slow, but I'm worried that I'll either go out in the sun too long, or not long enough.

Sleeping positions

What kind of position do you usually sleep in?

What sleeping position is "healtihest"? Good for your back and such?

If you sleep with your ear to the pillow, can you hurt your ear?

That last one's a bit random, but I do sleep ear-to-pillow, and sometimes my ear goes numb. I'm very protective of my ears. ::cradles ears::
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What figure in Christian lore when he was sentenced to crucifixion, out of respect for the Lord, chose to be crucified upside-down?

They mentioned it on an episode of The X-Files but I don't remember which episode and I'm not looking through each and every script if I can at all help it.

Also, who was it that was crucified on an 'X' shaped cross?
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Glass Ceiling

Why do you think the Glass Ceiling exists in corporate America? Do you think it's right? Why/why not?

(the Glass Ceiling refers to an "invisible barrier" that prevents women from being hired to top positions.)
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need help!

I am attempting to write my college physics termpaper but I am having a tremendous amount of trouble. I decided on doing music and physics, found plenty of sites (added them to my favorites for later use without reading through the actual contents of them) and I just started writing it. My problem is that I don't know exactly what to write, and it is turning out to be much harder than I ever imagined it to be.

I thought I picked a good(easy) topic but I am finidng it very hard to write about. Can you suggest a different topic that would be easier? Or am I just a huge dumbass who doesn't know how to write a stupid paper, and if that is the case can you direct to me to some good reference sites? (I scavanged all of google and even askjeeves.com so I dont need a link directing me to google, thak you)

thanks to anybody who can help me! God I hate physics so much!

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Okay. When I graduated HS, we had grad night. what do people do when they graduate college? One of my friendswent to europe. I leave in 3 weeks and nned to save until then. My brother went to parties, but i dont really know of any...and want to visit with my family. I was thinking dinner, but is that celebratory enough?

What do people do when they graduate college?