June 6th, 2003

Which is better?

Which characteristic do you think is better: optimism or pessimism?

The answer may be obvious to you, but I've been thinking very hard.

Here is something to think about: Happiness = Reality / Expectation.

So in other words, do you think it is better to expect much and risk the possibility of the result crushing your hopeful heart? Or do you think pessimistic, so if you don't get what you want, you won't be let down?

Me? I have a tendency to be too optimistic. In the end, I usually get some sense knocked into me. I compare it to an anvil falling on my tender head.
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Bear up a Tree

(no subject)

If you were to go to a video store right now and rent 5 movies, what would you rent? They can be any genre, from any time period, ones you've seen before or not - it doesn't matter. Anything.
Bear up a Tree

(no subject)

Can any of you recommend a retail store (not an internet site... someplace I can actually go to) that sells unusual sizes of regular-old bras? (As opposed to "sexy" bras, like Frederick's would have.) I'm talking specifically about sizes that mainstream stores don't seem to carry but should, like 36DD. (They carry 38DD, but not 36DD. And 36D is already really hard to find.) Any help would be appreciated!
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(no subject)

I have just gotten an LJ code and I want to use it for good and not evil! (and NO I am not giving it to someone else so don't ask-I gave someone an icon for it)

I don't know if I need another journal because this one suits me just fine and I like my name on here. I am reluctant to start another community because nobody seems to join them (jane_ers only has 2 other members)

So I leave it up to you people =)

first,what I should use the code for: journal or community? And can you suggest a good name/purpose (if community) for whichever one you think I should get?

thank you!!

(no subject)

does anyone have a habit of constantly checking the away messages of people on AIM?

do you keep people on your list that you havent talked to in months just because you like their profiles/away messages?

can you roughly figure out where your friends are at any given time, judged solely on their away messages, even if you haven't talked to them in months?

do you change your profile everyday, or is it just the same all the time?

doesnt it bother you when people have blank profiles? i mean, dont they have anything to say?

how much does it bother you that AIM users can't read the profiles of AOL users?

what possesses people to use the "i am away from my computer right now" away message?

would you rather have someone tell you directly where they are in their away message ("im going to the movies with lucy, and then i'll be at mary's house the rest of the night"), or do you like something more creative, like song lyrics?

whew... okay i'm done.
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questions from the sick

am I the only one who can't tear the perferation on Nyquil gelcaps package?

What is a gelcap made of? Like, the outer part? And if you cut a gelcap in half, would you get a liquid medicine in a highly concentrated form?

Which works quicker, the gelcaps or the liquid?
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