June 5th, 2003


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What did you get for your 18th / 21st Birthdays?

What is the perfect 18th Birthday gift for a girl?

One that's not too expensive, but not too cheap, one that says I've taken the time to chose it/make it and that the person means a lot to me?
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i gotta question + this is really..odd? weird? uhmm random?


Am i just totally weird, or does anyone else think that watching someone eat is..gross? and a total turn off..

especially..when it`s a boy you like or your boyfriend??

thanks guys, pffft. lol.
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Spike - What the heck?

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I'm looking around for a good harddrive based MP3 player for under $200. Any suggestions? Or am I just dreaming? ^_~ Preferably one that woudn't require USB 2.0 or Firewire, but would support it.
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Can birds vomit?

Some birds regurgitate food for their young, but I think they hold that food in a special sack or something. I am talking about vomiting like most mammals--to get poisonous foods out of their guts.
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This might sound a little strange, but no one i have asked can give me a straight answer.
Can you freeze cheese?
More specifically, can you freeze soft cheese, like goat and feta??
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Can anyone recommend a good CD burning utility that will exceed the maximum of 702MB or so? I know it can be done but I don't know what my friend used to make his.
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Is anyone good at frames for websites? I've got myself utterly confused as to how I got this wrong. And I need any help I can get.

AIM - tamen spiritus
Yahoo - yaydracoharry
MSN - dracoishaat@hotmail.com

I'll be on all three.

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