June 4th, 2003

dads and grads

Next Saturday is my brother's birthday.
Next Sunday is Father's Day.
Next Monday is my dog's birthday.
Is it bad that I find it way easier to pick out a gift for my dog instead of my own family?

My dad and brother live in Florida. I only see and talk to them a few times a year, so I have no clue what to get them and what they already have.
My dad is a mid-40s executive type who in his off-time is a lazy golfer.
My brother is a somewhat recent college grad who is turning 24. He kinda into fancy stuff like wine.
I'm a 20-year-old low income college student who lives a few thousand miles away.
Any gift suggestions?
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I've lived a sheltered life...

1. I'm curious about weed. I was wondering if anyone could answer any questions I have about it. Just general things like :

- what does it feel like when you smoke it
- how long does it last
- what are the good things about it
- what are the bad things about it
- what does it do to your appetite
- are there any after effects
- are there any long term effects

that kind of thing
thank you :)
(and no, i'm not thinking about developing a drug habit, I just heard people talking about it and was alarmed at my own lack of knowledge about this little thing called life)

2. Is it possible that someone could outline the main beliefs of the Christian Dissenting tradition please?
I've tried web searches and nothing helpful has come up.


I have a resume, but I've never had to give it to anyone before. I have an interview tomorrow for a receptionist job at a fashion showroom.

If I'm giving them my resume in person, do I need a cover letter? What exactly is a cover letter?

Do I need something besides the body of my resume, like some kind of cover sheet or something? Is there anything else I need?

What do I wear? Its a New York City fashion showroom!!

oh no I'm nervous.
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(no subject)

Do any of you get those popups that say you have a "smileygram" waiting? I'm so tempted to click it. Any of you know what happens when you DO click it?
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Choosing a Career

When choosing a career, do you think more about how much it pays or how much you would enjoy it? Would you look for a job that pays well that you enjoy? But what if a job that you really like pays next to nothing?
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life goes on quote

(no subject)

if something offers hope only for the present, should i do it anyway?

situation: i like a boy and the boy likes me, but there's a strong possibility he's relocating (in the thousands of miles kind of way) in september so we'd have very little hope for the future or long term. do we get involved anyway?

(no subject)

my friend needs a place to get naked with his girlfriend for tomorrow... he has a car, but no money. any ideas? we live in a suburbia kinda neighborhood... not that its a restriction. long cuddle sessions are a must, he says. haha. so cute! so any ideas would be greatly appreciated! thanx~
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